Some Green Bay Packers Fans Have Jumped The Shark


Have some Packers fans lost their sense of direction in calling for Mike McCarthy’s job? We feel so.

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

I knew it would happen, it just came sooner than I expected.

Some members of the Packer Nation have JUMPED THE SHARK. No I am not talking about recreating Fonzy’s epic water skiing jump. I am talking about that single moment in time when, according to the Urban Dictionary, “Someone behaves in a way that eliminates any traces of his/her credibility and, consequently, any sense of purpose in continuing the overall engagement.”

Since I don’t consider myself an Xs and Os kinda Packer fan and I tend to lean more toward the emotional and fanatic aspects of all things Green and Gold I figured it would be a few weeks or maybe a month or so after the dust settled from the flameout in Candlestick that some would call for the demise of Coach McCarthy. Yet there it was in black and white, in numerous posts. We need to fire Mike McCarthy.

Ted Thompson has his work cut out for him to put the Packers back together.

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

We are all accustomed to the yearly ramblings calling for the ouster of Ted Thompson because he supposedly has no idea what he is doing. Not like he has assembled a team that has won one Super Bowl, been to two NFC Title games and won the division year-in and year-out. But to call for the hide of the man who has led the team to the very top of the NFL? Seriously, people this borders on criminal insanity or at least jay-walking.

Why are we even asking this question?

The answer is simple, some members of the Packer Nation have lost their internal bearings and are out of control and need to be brought back into the warmth of Lambeau Field (that or they have been replaced by cyborgs created by Viking and Bear fans to destabilize our fan base due to total jealousy).
Coach McCarthy may not be flashy or Rex Ryanesque, but he symbolizes what Packers Football is all about. He is structured and steady. You may disagree with his playcalling or how he may handle a player or call a game, but name one single time that you can honestly say that he was so far off base that he made a Mason Crosby 53-yard field goal attempt look good? NEVER.

Coach McCarthy is steering this franchise in the direction that it needs to go, forward. Think back to the late 70s and early 80s, when all was lost and we were the laughingstock of the NFL. Now we are the epitome of the NFL. We are one of the standard bearers for which many teams strive. The main reason for that is that we have McCarthy. He has established the basis by which this team operates, succeeds, and exceeds. It may not always be to our liking but it is better than the Gregg years, the Sherman years, the Rhodes year and the Infante years.

This organization wins with McCarthy at the helm and to think that you would remove him because the team is not winning enough is inconceivable. How many teams win the Super Bowl each year?


How many teams win the Super Bowl back-to-back?  But how many teams are consistently at or near the top of their division and conference?  Very few, yet we can count our Packers as one of those teams.

So as we all come to terms with the end of the season, let us not lose focus on what is important and that is seeing what the Packers do to make improvements and adjustments that will take our team to the pinnacle of success.  The path to success is never easy and in Coach McCarthy we have the right man to navigate that route and do what it takes to consistently win, and more importantly, win with class.

So for all of you who are calling for his job, ask yourself, what other options are there?  Is there anyone better suited for Green Bay?  Can anyone else do what he has done year-in and year-out?  The answer, my friends, in a simple, “No.”  If you disagree that is fine, just let me know when you want to strap on those water skis, because I will be more than happy to operate that boat when you jump the shark!