The Super Bowl, ‘Touchdown,’ the Conspiracy and triumph over good and evil


Those partying on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter in advance of Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers had no idea of what was going on behind the scenes.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As Super Bowl XLVII was under way, the phone rang and I picked it up. On the other end a raspy voice known only as “Touchdown” whispered, “Lights out, Operation Zulu Blackout is in effect.  Be …”

And then the line went silent.

I saw the hidden messages (the two faces looking at each other as well as the hand symbol of the Illuminati Triangle) presented during the Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show, which clearly was meant as a warning, but I could not connect the dots.  Then I played Beyonce singing her halftime performance backwards.   She was actually calling for Red Rover One to “dig up the bone,” but still nothing I had pieced together during my investigation into the Goodell/Illuminati conspiracy against the Green Bay Packers had brought any of this to light.

I was confused, scared and worried.

The game was playing out as I had predicted, with Baltimore taking a commanding lead and controlling the San Francisco offense.  Baltimore QB Joe Flaco was airing it out and connecting on some amazing shots downfield and everything was rolling the Ravens’ way.  This was going to be a cakewalk for Baltimore, especially when they opened up the second half by returning the kickoff for a touchdown.

But then Touchdown’s message … and then the lights went out in New Orleans.

It was now starting to make sense.  The conspiracy to stop the Green Bay Packers from taking the Lombardi Trophy home was now in full swing against the Ravens.  The powers that be did not want to see Ray Lewis and Flaco take the trophy home, but they were powerless to do anything to stop them … that was until they took out the power with Operation Zulu Blackout.

Red Rover must have alluded to the Forty-Niners.  “Dig up the bone” was the code to pull the power.  It was slowly coming together.  For 30 minutes the lights were out, stopping Flaco and the Ravens from crushing the Forty-Niners.  For eighty-four minutes Flacco sat there unable to do anything.

Look for this man to continue to take control and manipulate the NFL as he is the Master of the conspiracy.

When the lights were finally restored, the Forty-Niners were rejuvinated as if they had been given some performance enhancing stimulants, while Baltimore appeared listless and lost.  Had their Gatorade been poisoned while the lights were out?  What was going on?

Now all of a sudden, San Francisco was staging an epic comeback.  Racking up yardage and points.  Baltimore could do nothing to stop them.  It looked as if the powers that be were again pulling the strings, controlling who was going to win.  Was it that the Baltimore defense had run out of steam or was it that sinister figures from the shadows had infiltrated their sidelines and were disrupting the communication process?

I knew I was on to something and that I had to take immediate action to help prevent one of the greatest conspiracies against all things American.  Then I looked out the window, parked in front of the house were three large black SUVs and men in dark suits.  I was being watched, they were on to me.  I quickly retreated to my panic room and hunkered down, awaiting the invasion force that was bent on stopping me from stopping them.

Fortunately, I did not have to do much to help prevent a travesty, as in the end, Baltimore was able to do just enough to stop Goodell, the Illuminati, and the Forty-Niners from stealing the Lombardi Trophy.

So after coming out of my panic room, to take stock of the last week, I began to realize that there was more to this conspiracy than I thought.

The signs of conspiracy are everywhere.

The deer urine PED issue turned out to be a plant as the informant admitted he never saw Ray  Lewis use the solution.  The lip syncing of Beyonce at the Inauguration was clearly a red herring used to throw me off the actual path of Roger Goodell using the HGH testing facade as  a means of communicating with the Illuminati that all the necessary components were in place to secure the trophy for the Forty-Niners, as he wanted to make sure that their unblemished record in Super Bowls would remain.

In the end, the powers of good triumphed over evil and the black SUVs left, inflicting no harm on me (as I had my tin foil lined cheesehead on).  But it does go to show that there are powers that control the NFL.  Sinister forces that will stop at nothing to control and dictate the outcome of a season and a game.

So my fellow Packers fans, be on the lookout now that the 2013 season has started.  The signs are there, what will Emperor Goodell and his minions do to prevent our Packers from hoisting the Lombardi one more time?  The oddsmakers (who we all know are in partnership with the NFL) already have the Packers at 10-1 favorites to reach New York for Super Bowl XLVIII.  So using my secret codebreaking ring I got out of a box of cereal, 10 equals the letter “J” and 1 is “A” and there are seven letters in New York which would then equal “G”  that can only mean one thing – the Jaguars are going to win it all next year.

So just watch as the 2013 season unfolds, what is done to prevent the Packers from winning and having the Jaguars win it all.  If you don’t believe me, so be it.  But remember they almost stole this Super Bowl and they will stop at nothing to try again.  In fact, as I was having breakfast with another secret agent  (code named GLOW GLOW), this morning at Crabby’s, I heard another at a table near me speak of the conspiracy last night and how it was all planned to help San Francisco.  So I know I am not alone and that there are others who see it the same way I do.

Operation TAKE BACK THE TUNDRA is a go!