Darrelle Revis and the Green Bay Packers: Could it still happen?


Darrelle Revis

A few weeks ago, the Internet was brimming with reports linking a possible trade between the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers that would bring all-world cornerback Darrelle Revis to Wisconsin.

But those reports simmered and eventually went away because of several things: First, it was reported that the Jets wanted two first round draft picks and a bunch more for Revis; Second, Revis’s contract would have to be renegotiated and it was reported that he would be asking for Aaron Rodgers-type money just to consider moving on; and lastly, Revis is coming off an ACL injury to his knee that he suffered in the third game last year.

But that was all until today.

Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press Gazette again broached the subject in a blog about the possibilities. While his piece’s bottom line was that the deal was intriguing, it was unlikely that any deal of the sort would happen.

While I tend to agree for all the reasons stated above, I wonder why Dougherty even brings it up … maybe a slow day at the Packers news desk today?


But you’ve still got to admit that the possibility is probably one of the sexier ideas out there. At 27, it seems like Revis probably has plenty left in the tank and that the offensive/defensive tandem of Aaron Rodgers and Revis on the same team brings back memories of Favre/White.

Ted Thompson, Packer GM

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

But to think that Packers GM Ted Thompson might even consider trading away a first-rounder for Revis is like asking for Santa to bring you the moon.

But one might also consider the past first round picks Thompson has made, it’s become a crap shoot. While Thompson hit the grand salami with the Clay Matthews/B.J. Raji draft of 2009, and considering that the A.J. Hawk pick back in 2006 was OK, you’ve also got to look at Justin Harrell in 2007, and Derek Sherrod and Nick Perry in 2011 and 2012.

Harrell was a bust, but the books are still out on Sherrod and Perry. No doubt, Perry will be back in 2013, but one has to wonder about whether Sherrod will ever play another down for the Packers.

What I’m saying here is that the Packers’ first round pick hasn’t been stellar and if Thompson were to offer the team’s 2013 pick to the Jets for an established player – big salary and injury baggage to go along with it – it still might be worth the risk. That is if the Packers could even afford to throw that much change at a player like Revis.

Nobody really knows how Ted Thompson thinks these days. Like a chameleon, he’s been changing his spots. He’s always been a draft and develop guy, but he has been known to dip successfully into free agency – Charles Woodson and Ryan Pickett. Maybe Thompson moves Woodson, Hawk and Jermichael Finley to scrape together enough to bring in Revis – I’m just sayin’ for the fun of it.

Maybe Thompson feels the team is one impact player away from another Super Bowl championship and he decides to cash in all his chips for the man on the island. Maybe he doesn’t – like Dougherty, I have to stick with the tried and true Thompson. His conservative nature probably doesn’t allow him to bring himself to jump off that cliff.

But then again, it’s fun to speculate.

After all, it’s been a slow news day on Lombardiave.com’s Packers desk, too.

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