Charles Woodson: The fallout from Green Bay Packers fans


DAW (Day After Woodson) will be remembered by us all as Packers Nation moves into a new era.

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It has been a tough couple of weeks for fans of the Green Bay Packers, all of which came to a culmination yesterday with the release of Charles Woodson. Suffering through the retirement of longtime Packers wide receiver Donald Driver the week before, Packers fans were stunned, if not taken aback, yesterday when the Packers announced the release of star cornerback Woodson.

The shock of the announcement was evident by those who visited our Facebook page and responded to the posts throughout the day. Yes, shock, disappointment, anger and sadness were all the emotions displayed – and rightly so. It’s a parting that will affect the team, not only because of his work on the field, but because he was so instrumental as the cohesive glue that kept the locker room together. Heck, it was Woodson who NFL Films chose as one of the representatives to speak and describe their experiences (along with Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy) in the “America’s Game” production recounting the Packers’ Super Bowl XLV run.

Will he be missed? Undoubtedly. Will both the Packers and Woodson move on? Unquestionably. Will Woodson be back in Green Bay someday for his induction into the Packers Hall of Fame? Without question.

But in the meantime, on this DAW (Day After Woodson), we continue to mourn our loss. Here and below is a sampling of responses to the announcement yesterday. I’m sure you feel the same way many of these folks felt yesterday. Keep the faith, Packers fans. Unfortunately, it’s a business – Charles Woodson will never be forgotten for what he meant to all of us.

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Breaking News: Tweets indicate Packers going to release Charles Woodson.

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The Green Bay Packers have informed 36-year-old defensive back Charles Woodson he will be released with two years left on his contract.