Green Bay Packers Draft: Today’s big 3


Clemson Tigers wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (middle) carries the ball during the second quarter against the Maryland Terrapins at Clemson Memorial Stadium. Could he be the Packers’ first round selection? Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the deadline for NFL teams, including the Green Bay Packers, to designate a franchise tag – but right now we’re focusing on the Draft  with our daily Big 3. Here are yesterday’s picks.

We here at have been scouring the Internet in search of mock drafts to include in our Big 3 – three different mocks with three different selections. As we move along each day, it gets more difficult to find mocksters who aren’t projecting the same selections … but we are still coming across those who are differing.

Today we focus on Eric Galko of The Sporting News, Scott1210’s Mock Draft, and Josh Norris of

So, let’s get on with it and let these guys describe who their selections for the Packers will be …

Eric Galko of The Sporting News projection for the Packers’ first round selection at 26 is …

Corey Lemonier

Corey Lemonier, OLB, Auburn

"Despite drafting Nick Perry in the first round a year ago, the Packers must add pass rushers. Lemonier is a quick-twitch, athletic prospect who could provide the speed-rush threat off the edge that would allow Clay Matthews to have continued success.Lemonier is a long and projectable athlete who already has a nice outside rip move. He was productive as a junior but saw his play decline as a senior. While his body type is a better fit for 3-4 outside linebacker than 4-3 defensive end, his hip movement appears to be too stiff to make the transition. Lemonier also lacks powerful hands and sometime struggles to turn the corner.The fact that Lemonier does not quit on plays, and has a good motor, combined with his athletic potential will likely cast him as a second or third rounder, despite serious questions about the translating of his play to the next level."

Lombardiave: Yes, defense will definitely be on Ted Thompson’s radar come April, and while Lemonier might be a good pick, I don’t think he foots the bill as a first-rounder. Because the Packers went first round with Nick Perry last year as the complement to Clay Matthews, I don’t see the Packers taking any outside linebacker with their first round pick.

If he falls far enough, the 6-3, 255-pound Lemonier might make a good third round pick, but not first round. Watch the tape below and you will see a player with a lot of speed who has a nose for the football. Yes, he’s got a fast motor and doesn’t seem to take any plays off. There’s no such thing as having too few pass rushers, but if the Packers are to go with a defensive selection in the first round, a defensive lineman or even a cornerback or safety would be the more valuable pick.

Here’s a video of Lemonier …

Scotty1210’s Mock Draft posting on projects the Packers to select …

DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson

Lombardiave: With the loss of Greg Jennings to free agency, the potential loss of Jermichael Finley at tight end, and the Packers need for explosiveness from their receivers, selecting a wide receiver with number 26 might not be a bad choice.

Yes, we know they need offensive and defensive linemen, but if they are going to replace Jennings’ production with someone in the draft, they will need to look at a player like DeAndre Hopkins. While a Tavon Austin or a Keenan Allen would be optimum in this draft, nobody expects those two to drop below the 20-25 picks. The Packers could trade up for a receiver, but I don’t see that happening either.

Hopkins, at 6-1, 214 pounds, is a big bodied receiver who had an incredibly productive 2012 season. He caught 82 passes for 1,405 yards and 18 touchdowns. Clearly, this guy is no slouch and would fit well into the Packers’ scheme.

An interesting selection here … one that I like a lot.

Here’s a video of Hopkins …

Josh Norris of projects the Packers to select …

Barrett Jones

Barrett Jones, Alabama

"Jones has an extremely tough matchup in the National Championship, since he will consistently face monster NT Louis Nix face up. It will go far in showing if Jones has the quickness of the snap to get his hands onto defenders and a strong enough anchor to keep his balance and not give up the pocket. Otherwise, his future may be at guard."

Lombardiave: This is the selection that a majority of mocksters have written in ink … many feel that this is already a done deal and a slam dunk at that.

The more I look around at various options for the Packers, I’m not so sure anymore about this pick. The reason being is that if the Packers really want this guy, I think they might be able to go a different direction with their first pick (defense? wide receiver? running back?) and still be able to pick him up in the second round.

There’s no question Jones would be an incredible addition to the team. He can play all interior line positions and has also played tackle – versatility that weighs heavily with Ted Thompson. He is also an intelligent player (ala Matt Birk) who would have no trouble learning the nuances of playing center in the NFL. The awards he’s gotten over the years are testament to his abilities on and off the football field. He would also be an incredible locker room leader who could step right in and make an impact.

I like Jones for his smarts and his toughness and feel he could be the kind of player who would perform well for many years in the NFL.

This is a great first round selection, but don’t be surprised if Thompson passes him over in hopes of landing him in the second round.

 Here’s a video of Barrett Jones …