Green Bay Packers Draft: March 16 Big 3


If Jarvis Jones falls all the way to 26, he would be a great selection for the Green Bay Packers.

Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a chance to pore over the most recent draft projections being thrown out there by the mocksters out there in cyberworld for the Green Bay Packers, so I thought this afternoon would be a great time to get back on track with another of our “Big 3”

Here’s our look at what others are saying will be the Green Bay Packers‘ first round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Again, we have combed the Internet for three separate mock drafts that provide three different picks for the Packers – our “Big 3.”

Now with Free Agency rolling and most of the big deals out of the way it’s time to refocus on the NFL draft, and most specifically what mocksters are saying about the Packers.

Today, we take a look at three mocksters from NFL.Com, Bucky Brooks, Josh Norris, and Gil Brandt. While there are a couple of their picks that we’ve talked about before, these are still some interesting selections that should excite Packers fans.

But in the meantime, here are our previous “Big 3″ posts where we’ve compiled all the selections we’ve looked at. Check ‘em out. They are quite diverse and interesting.

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Now that you’re done check out the past Big 3 selections, move on to today’s picks. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, Liking us on our Facebook page (it’s a good one), or following us on Twitter.

Bucky Brooks

Bucky Brooks of projects the Packers will will select …

Eric Reid

ERIC REID, free safety, Louisiana State University

"The release of Charles Woodson makes safety one of the Packers’ biggest offseason needs. While Reid didn’t enjoy a stellar junior campaign, he fits the profile (big, fast and physical) that Ted Thompson prefers in his safeties."

Lombardiave: I know we’ve highlighted this guy before, but I really like him. I like his size, length and power (6-1, 213 pounds) – those seem to be the catch words for Reid. Intelligence is also a descriptor that caught my eye. Reid is the type of safety who would excel in the Packers’ defensive backfield. He’s not afraid to attack the line of scrimmage and batter tight ends coming out of their break. Thompson would do the defense well if he wants to get better at safety instead of defensive line in the first round. Reid would be a solid, smart pick and help a continually improving Packers defense.

Here’s a video of Reid.

Josh Norris

Josh Norris of projects that the Packers will select …

D.J. Swearinger

D.J. SWEARINGER, safety, South Carolina

"The Packers are always tough to peg, but Swearinger would bring an edge to this secondary (which is losing a physical presence on the field in Charles Woodson)." In keeping with the defensive projection theme, D.J. Swearingen is described as an enforcer – a player who punishes runners and pass receivers. The “aggressive” descriptor keeps rising to the top of the heap, but it’s an attribute that could lead to over-aggression and penalties. I’m not opposed to players who play the way Swearinger does. He would certainly bring an attitude to the Packers defense, something they need when playing against the likes of the Bears, Vikings and Lions twice each season. I’m not sure he should be a first-rounder, however. If he’s available when the Packers are on the second round clock, he might be an excellent selection.

Here’s a video of Swearinger …

Gil Brandt

Gil Brandt projects the Packers will select …

Jarvis Jones

JARVIS JONES, Outside Linebacker, Georgia

"Lots of anticipation surrounded Jones heading into the combine, but when the linebacker prospect chose to not work out, he more or less fell off the face of the Earth. He’s putting all of his eggs in his pro-day basket, which is dangerous. Nonetheless, he can be the kind of outside pass rusher Green Bay is looking for."

 Lombardiave: I’m surprised that Brandt has Jones falling this far in the draft because he didn’t participate in the Combine. His neck condition could be a concern, but recent news that he’s fit to play should alleviate that concern. His size and speed should make him a higher first round pick and he would fit perfectly in the Packers 3-4. However, the Packers selected Nick Perry, another outside linebacker in the first round last year and I’m not sure Ted Thompson will go that route again this year. I guess it depends if Jones is still on the board at 26. I have a feeling he won’t. I just don’t see him falling this far.

Here’s video of Jones …