The Packers Nation shall prevail


Packers Nation shall remain strong though the forces of evil attempt to disrupt (OK, so we hope you know this is tongue-in-cheek).

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

I just unlocked myself from the panic room as the black SUVs were parked out front of the house again.  It seems Emperor Goodell will not leave me alone for exposing his conspiracy to end the glorious reign of the Packers.

Over the past few weeks rumors have swirled like a spring tornado in Kansas that this free agent or that free agent was going to sign with the Green and Gold.  All disinformation I tell you!  From Chris Canty to Ahmad Bradshaw to Michael Huff and even Colt McCoy, names are being thrown around left and right with a greater purpose.  All of this is part of the NFL’s master plan to divide the Packers Nation.

Emperor Goodell and his Illuminati minions know that there is no way they can topple us when we stand united so they have undertaken this grand process to employ supposition and stories to divert our attention away from the Thompson/McCarthy plan.  Every time a name comes up in free agency, no matter how ridiculous the match would be for the Packers, Goodell and his goons make sure that player is tied to the Packers.

Time and time again, articles are written how this great free agent acquisition will bolster the Packers and lead them to their next championship.  Then after creating a false hope among the weaker fans of Packers Nation, the NFL then orchestrates that player signing with another team.  Then they start a new set of stories how the Packers refused to step up to the plate and make a legitimate offer.  Smoke, mirrors and confusion are all used to create tension and frustration.

The latest had the Packers interested in Michael Huff.  How he would be a great fit for the Packers but he decided to sign with the Ravens, even before meeting with the Packers.  Talk radio exploded about how Huff bypassed the Packers so he would not be insulted by their lack of a qualified offer for his services.  These talking heads will spew anything to support the hand that feeds them.  How can the Packers be criticized for not even offering something to a player who never even came for a visit?

This has many of the fringe elements of the Packers Nation calling for the head of Ted Thompson for not going out and getting these players.  I am starting to think that many of these fans are either cyborgs or the NFL plants who are in on the conspiracy to destroy the Packers Nation from within.

My question is why?  Why question Ted and his master plan to defeat the forces of darkness that conspire against us?  We all know that his theory is to draft and develop and that for the most part this process has served the Packers well and brought us great fortunes.  Why question the financial blueprint in place for the continued financial success of the Packers.

Yet the division is growing as the fringe elements, the talking heads and the shadow of the NFL looms larger over Lambeau Field every day.  The complaining, the name calling and the general anger being launched like IEDs is taking away from the greater picture and overall success.  We as fans are only looking at the distrust that is being fostered by shadow elements.  Take a step back and look.

Look at what we have going for us – Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews.  These two men are the heart and soul of the team.  Secondly we have a  stable of young players ready to prove themselves on the defensive side of the ball.  Guys who with a year of experience will only be better and stronger.  Then on the offensive side of the ball, we have one of the deepest pools of receivers.  Finally, our special teams play is solid.

Instead of focusing on what is not being done because it is the popular implanted idea to do so, look at what we have and how much better it will be with experience gained and the ability to become faster and stronger.  The glass in not half empty, it is full – Filled with talent, skill and desire.

So as the clutches of villainy and evil stretch forth, I call out to all of PackersNation to cast aside your doubt, anger and distrust.  Do not listen to the talking heads and the fabrications of Goodell and his evil empire.  We are stronger than anything they can throw at us.  Cyborgs, Illuminati, and even the pending Zombie Apocalypse will not deter us stopping the fringe agents and puppets from destroying our great nation.

A house united is stronger than a house divided and as long as we believe in Thompson and McCarthy, the forces of darkness will be defeated and we will return glorious with another championship, but only if we believe and trust.

Packer fans, do not fall prey to the shiny objects being dangled in front of you.  It is a diversion.  Look past all of that and realize this team is in good shape.  We have the pieces to defeat that which confronts us and we will once again hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

We need to be strong and remember the wise words of the great Jedi Master, Yoda, “Fear leads to anger.  Anger leads to hate.  Hate leads to suffering.”  If we follow this path, then Goodell will win and we will return to the Packers of the 70s and 80s when we all suffered through the darkness.

Long live the Packers Nation.