Antoine Winfield signs – what does that mean for Charles Woodson?


Former Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson is having a tough time finding a new home. USA TODAY Sports photograph

It was announced last night that former Minnesota Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield signed a one year contract with the Seattle Seahawks, thus ending his search for a team after being let go last month by the Vikings in a salary cap money-saving move.

While the Seahawks’ signing provides that franchise significant depth at a position where you can’t have enough good players, it also sends one to wondering that if Winfield was finally signed, why not former Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson.

Woodson, who was released by the Packers in February so they could save money against the cap, has been vocal recently – saying that he thinks team see him as “ancient” and that when he was a free agent back in 2006, he saw the same kind of neglect.

A fan favorite in Green Bay (see comments below and on our Facebook page), Woodson seems stuck in neutral, with no interest being shown by teams across the NFL. There have been reports recently that the Packers may take Woodson back into the fold after the draft, but that’s simply speculation as team officials have give zero indication that that’s the case.

So, how does Woodson find a home? That’s for he and his agent to figure out. But as an outsider looking in (and a huge Woodson fan, I might add), there is empathy for the future Hall of Famer. It’s a cruel business and the signing of Winfield only emphasizes that point for guys like Woodson.

When I recently posted a reaction piece to the story about the Packers possibly taking Woodson back after the draft, the reaction among our Facebook fans was strong. Most of them love Woodson and want him back, as you can see. Interesting to see all the love: