Today’s NFL one-liners and Lombardiave’s take


The NFL is once again alive today with news. Across the Internet and in your daily papers, folks are talking about mock drafts, team needs, trades, signings and so much more.

With that said, we take’s “Sunday morning one-liners” and provide our own spin on whatever the issue may be. We try to be funny, but we’ll leave the chuckle factor up to you. We realize that we can’t always be so serious … if you want that, click on over to the mainstream media guys. They love talking X’s and O’s and do a great job at it.

Here, we like to have our tongue firmly implanted in our cheeks from time-to-time and this is one of those times.

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So, here we go …

Sunday morning one-liners

Will the Bills move Arthur Moats to inside linebacker this offseason?

Who knows … and who cares?

A look at the history of trades up and down the draft board for the Dolphins.

Now, this is interesting, but will it affect the Dolphins’ draft board this year?

Jake Ballard

Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots will continue to bring TE Jake Ballard along slowly.

Well, who in their right mind would want to bring him along quickly?

Gary Myers of the New York Daily News doesn’t think the Jets will draft a quarterback.

What? I didn’t think the Jets had any quarterbacks.

The Ravens website doesn’t believe the team will be lacking leadership without LB Ray Lewis.

No, but they surely will be lacking the saliva Lewis spit all over them every game.

Ohio State held their spring football game at Paul Brown Stadium.

That’s nice. Is it really worth a story? Who won? Oh, don’t tell me – Ohio State.

Ten players on the Browns’ draft radar.

Well, considering they only have seven picks, they should be in pretty good shape.

Emmanuel Sanders

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette isn’t in favor of the Steelers matching the offer sheet WR Emmanuel Sanders signed with the Patriots.

So who cares what Ed thinks? He doesn’t control the purse strings.

Breaking down draft prospects at wide receiver with the Texans website.

Breakdowns are always great. Will they need some prozac?

Colts QB Andrew Luck reports for work Monday after spending some time this weekend visiting a children’s hospital.

Now that’s nice. Warm fuzzies before the coaches start ripping on him in practice.

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown is on board with new video boards for the Jaguars.

Shouldn’t the Jags be more interested in spending money on good players before they improve their video boards?

Looking back at the Titans’ draft in 2001, including the pick that gave them a pair of Dysons on the roster.

Jerry Glanville

Jeff Griffith-USA TODAY Sports

It’s always nice to look back. But they shouldn’t dwell – we all know the NFL stands for Not For Long … right, Jerry Glanville?

Broncos exec John Elway doesn’t think the 2013 draft is a top-heavy one.

I never liked John Elway, so I don’t care what he thinks.

The Chiefs are working to come up with new rewards and experiences to make attending their games more appealing.

How about a winning football team, guys? That will make the game appealing.

The Raiders probably won’t be drafting any kickers or punters.

That’s good, because they need a whole lot of other players.

Chargers coach Mike McCoy and G.M. Tom Telesco threw out first pitches at a Padres game.

Let’s hope they didn’t throw like a girl … they already have a quarterback who throws that way.

Texas Tech RB Eric Stephens said it would be a dream come true to play for the Cowboys.

I would say it would be more like a nightmare.

The Giants are expected to bring Virginia Tech S Alonzo Tweedy in for a visit.

So, are we supposed to get excited about this?

Chip Kelly

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles coach Chip Kelly won with different kinds of quarterbacks as a college coach.

Aren’t all quarterbacks different?

The Redskins are moving Darryl Tapp to outside linebacker.

Woo-hoo! They must be “Tapp-ing” into his inner (or is it outer) strengths.

Bears LB D.J. Williams isn’t worried about having no guaranteed money in his contract.

I’m sure he’s more concerned about having a guaranteed job.

The Lions website takes some time to remember the accomplishments of two-way player Dorne Dibble in the 1950s.

Oh yes, Dorne. Remember him well. Not.

Compensatory picks have landed the Packers some contributors in past seasons.

And let’s hope that trend continues.

What are the chances Tennessee WR Justin Hunter lands with the Vikings?

Our hope is that the Vikings fall asleep on draft day and miss their two first round selections.

JArthur Blank

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons owner Arthur Blank is ready to get to “the fun part” of designing his team’s new stadium.

What’s the fun part? Going to the bank and withdrawing the cash so the taxpayers don’t have to pay for it?

Panthers DE Frank Alexander went through a similar experience to Utah DT Star Lotulelei regarding a heart scare at the combine.

Now, this is not a funny thing. We seriously hope that Star is healthy. Great potential.

The Saints are excited to get back to work.

It’s about time.

A suggestion that the Buccaneers could be interested in drafting Tennessee QB Tyler Bray.

Why do they need a suggestion? If they want to do it, they will do it?

Cardinals QB Drew Stanton still wants to be a starting quarterback.

Drew Stanton

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Too bad, Drew. Dream on.

Former Rams WR Isaac Bruce is starting to move into coaching.

Great player. We wish him luck.

Former 49ers QB Joe Montana had some strong thoughts about Tiger Woods getting a penalty at the Masters.

What the heck does Montana know about golfing? And is anyone really going to listen to his opinion? Stick to football, Joe.

The Broncos and Patriots called CB Antoine Winfield before he signed with the Seahawks.

Wonder what they called him?