The Green Bay Packers may be forced into a read-option draft?


Is the Read-Option here to stay? Colin Kaepernick probably hopes so. He shredded the Packers defense in the playoffs last year and will get the chance to do more damage as the 49ers open the 2013 season at home against Green Bay.

As I sat drinking my coffee and anxiously awaiting the schedule release last night, I couldn’t help but notice our beloved Green and Gold play at San Francisco again this year.

While the Packers faithful have 579 total reasons to forget their season ending there, this does make me wonder just how long this infamous “read-option” will be around? Mr. Aaron Rodgers was quoted a few months back as saying it’s more of a passing trend than anything. Maybe, maybe not. But after being beaten as soundly as the Packers were, I am curious as to whether or not this will have any bearing on the draft.

Isolate and attack. That’s really what it came down to as Colin Kaepernick isolated outside linebackers Eric Walden and Clay Matthews, waiting for their first misstep to run the opposite way en route to 181 rushing yards. The finger can be pointed every-which-way for such a loss as many fans were even calling for Dom Capers’ head after this blowout.

In the end it simply comes down to execution and Kaepernick executed far better than the Packers defense did. We do need to give credit where credit is due as Kaepernick is an outstanding all-around athlete. In the same light, he almost seems to be spearheading this new wave of quarterback, paving the way for other all-around athletic quarterbacks such as Geno Smith.

Will Kevin Sumlin help Dom Capers’ defense stop the read-option?

For a defensive unit to be dealt such a blow, Mike McCarthy wasted little time in getting his defensive staff up to speed, sending them to College Station to learn from Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin about defending the read-option. While probably not a bad move, it’s safe to say this one definitely caught many of the Packers Nation by surprise.

So what bearing (if any) will this have on the draft? Ted Thompson’s strategy and philosophy have both been well documented as he has always stuck to his guns. But has Thompson encountered a hurdle such as this before a draft?

This is truly a unique scenario as McCarthy went so far as sending his staff back to college. I can’t help but wonder if it will be enough to sway draft strategy one way or another. The majority of the projections out there seem to emphasize filling the void left by Charles Woodson more so than not. Overall speed would probably be the one trait to look for to defend a read-option.

If this type of thorough domination over a defensive unit was enough for Mike McCarthy to send his entire defensive unit to College Station to learn how to defend the read-option, could it be enough to impact Ted Thompson’s draft strategy?

Have at it Packers Nation! More depth along the Defensive Line? More speed at inside linebacker?

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