Packers fans on the hot seat, A.J. Hawk and Vince Lombardi


It might be much colder for Packers fans this season without their hot seats. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Another week has gone by in Packers land and most of the detailed analysis of who is doing what has been investigated, instigated and fumigated which leaves so much of the real news drifting away.

By now many of you may have heard that the NFL has implemented a new policy that prohibits you from being able to bring in just about anything to a stadium.  Now do not get me wrong, from a security standpoint I understand the necessity to control what comes into a stadium and by doing this it will also allow for greater speed in entering stadiums and a safer environment.  But Emperor Goodell and his trained minions failed to take into account the backlash that is going to come from those of us who lack ample personal backsides to sit on.

Frozen fannies will be the norm at Lambeau Field this season.

You see under the new policies, fans can no longer bring in seat cushions to sit on.  So in the dead of winter, when the temp is hovering somewhere close to negative 3,000 degrees with a windchill factor of minus-3,500 degrees, those super, special heated butt cushions that hunters use will not be allowed in the stadium.  This means that even with twelve layers of clothes on, our butts will freeze to the benches and we will forever be a fixture at Lambeau Field … well at least until July when the ice has finally melted.

This new policy will not only create a problem for staying warm, but when the temperature is bearable, is it reasonable to ask people to sit on a hard metal bench.  Honestly, is it really necessary to take away cushions for older people to sit on (older being the relative term for those of us who hate having sore butts).  Benches are not comfortable to begin with and to take away the only means to keep your butt from going to sleep, that is just un-American.

Lost in the shuffle of all things Brett Favre being welcomed back and Donald Driver being immortalized with his own statue was the fact that A.J. Hawk was presented with the Professional Achievement Award at the 14th Annual Lee Remmel Sports Awards Banquet this week.  Along with Packers great Dave Robinson, Hawk was recognized for his play on the field and more importantly his contributions off the field, which include representing the Wisconsin Special Olympics as a spokesperson; and supporting such organizations as the the Jerry Parins Cruise for Cancer, the Donald Driver Foundation, the Al Harris Outreach Program the 2nd & 7 Foundation, and the  Greg Jennings Foundation (I only mention this because it is a charitable foundation).

Show the man some love for his consistency on and off the field. Photo Credit: Google

This then leads me to ask, why is A.J. Hawk so unloved by the masses?  It seems every time I read something about the guy it is how he has failed to live up to the expectations of a high draft pick and that he is failing to produce on the field.  In the seven years he has played for the Packers, he has played in 110 of 112 games.  He is consistent and more importantly, he clearly shows the command and leadership necessary to lead the defense and is counted on for doing just that.

So to all you A.J. Hawk haters, take off!

Happy birthday Coach!

Finally, this week saw the celebration of the 100th birthday of the greatest NFL coach ever, Vince Lombardi.

If he were alive today, I wonder what he would be thinking about the accolades directed at him for his career achievements.  I can only imagine him saying in that deep voice of his, “What the Hell is going on out here?!?”

Hey Vince, I ask myself that question every single day.

So Packers Nation, keep the faith, have some cake and sew your seat cushion warmers to the inside of your pants as each day brings us closer to the start of the season and cold metal seats.