‘View from the Couch, or Maybe a Bar Stool’ – A Fan’s Take on the Green Bay Packers


The kick-off installation of View from the couch, or Maybe a Bar Stool goes like this: I’m a Green Bay Packers fan and Ray Rivard, Fansided.com, and Lombardiave.com have given me the opportunity to share my two cents with Packers Nation concerning all things green and gold.

So pass the cheese and crackers and let’s get started.

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As the Packers training camp and the pre-season draws to a close I am optimistic about the season that lies ahead. Aaron Rodgers looks to be in mid-season form. The chemistry between Rodgers and Jermichael Finley seems to be at an all-time high. Eddie Lacy just may be the straw that stirs the drink for the Packers’ offense. And of course Johnny Jolly and the defensive line quite possibly could be the best unit Ted Thompson has ever assembled.

I do have concerns -injuries, of course.  Just as things were looking up for the Packers walking wounded, everyone including the hot dog guy pulled a hammy against Seattle.

The offensive line is light in experience at the tackle position. And cross your fingers that Evan Dietrich-Smith stays healthy because it seems like the shotgun snap is more like a cork gun snap when delivered from Don Barclay or Greg Van Roten. The safety position does not make me feel real safe. Neither M.D. Jennings nor Jerron McMillan is in any hurry to stand up and be the guy back there. Not to mention Morgan Burnett was one of the many to pull a hamstring against Seattle.

At the moment I like to believe that this team has decent depth across the roster. We will certainly find out as the season progresses. Outside of the safety position the defense looks well stocked with a mix of high draft picks, guys who have a number of NFL snaps under their belts and a few overachieving but dynamic players. The defensive line, inside linebackers and cornerbacks appear to have the most depth.

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Aside from the offensive line, which always seems to be a pain point, there is adequate depth at the other positions. Although the Packers lost some good players at the receiver spot, I think they are going to be OK there. I have a hunch Jarrett Boykin can play. Jermichael Finley is head and shoulders above everyone at tight end. But there are some good role players, like Matthew Mulligan, a road grader with a big smile, a guy Eddie Lacy and others can run behind. And with Vince Young all but claiming the backup quarterback spot, the Packers now have a second stringer who has won games in the NFL.

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This Packers team is not as Vince Young once claimed the Eagles to be, a “Dream Team.” It is however a team that has a number of very good players and some stars, Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews III in particular, at key positions.

If some of these very good players can make that next step, then the confetti may blow in the frozen February Green Bay air. But like most NFL teams, the difference-maker is whether they can stay relatively healthy.

This will determine if the Packers can make it to New York, ahem, I mean New Jersey for Super Bowl XLVIII.

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