Jim Harbaugh, just shut up!


There’s not much love for

Jim Harbaugh

in Wisconsin, especially for his comments about

Clay Matthews

. Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports photograph

I’ve been trying to control myself over the past day, but I’ve just got to get this out – I can’t stand how Jim Harbaugh seems to think he’s bigger than the team, the franchise, and the fans  he represents. He simply can’t keep his trap shut and coach his football team.

He’s like the bully in the back of the classroom shooting spitwads at those in the front row … his arrogance, his self-righteousness, and his immaturity are beyond reproach.

For one, I can’t stand it.

Yesterday he couldn’t refrain from going after the character of Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.

Here’s part of what he had to say in referencing Matthews:

"“Like I said last week, usually a man will tell you his bad intentions if you just listen. That certainly was a cheap shot, launching, clotheslining to the neck-head area. Bad play.”"

Disclaimer: We were one of the first to say that it was a bad play, but IMO it was an effort play. I would never discredit a player who commits a foul through effort. Yes, Matthews should have let him run out of bounds and gone back to the huddle. Instead, the heat of the moment, the momentum of the game caught up with him. He admitted it. He has moved on.

But not Harbaugh. He had to pile it on by making this silly comment about what happened after the play when 49ers tackle Joe Staley confronted Matthews:

"“If you’re going to go to the face, come with some knuckles, not an open slap. I think if that young man works very hard on being a tough guy, he’ll have some repairing to do to his image after the slap.”"

While Harbaugh calls Matthews out for playing football aggressively and then says he’s a wimp for not swinging with knuckles, he’s really showing his intelligence.

He then claims that Staley shouldn’t have been penalized, Admittedly, Staley rushed to the defense of his quarterback like any good lineman would, but  then aggressively initiated a scrum that included the clearing of benches from both teams.

And he shouldn’t be penalized for that?


Staley took a situation that should have had one penalty called and turned it into a near riot … and he shouldn’t be penalized?

For shame, Mr. Harbaugh.

This is football. If a player commits an act that is outside the rules, he should be penalized. Matthews was rightfully flagged … and so was Staley.

And how did Packers head coach Mike McCarthy react when he was questioned about the play and the series of events that transpired with the two penalties and the fact that the referees screwed up and ruled a third down instead of a fourth down?

Well, he took the high road.

Here’s how McCarthy reacted:

“Clay Matthews is not a dirty player, by no means. So I addressed Harbaugh’s comments in the team meeting, and as always, we’ll stay above it.”

Thank you, Coach McCarthy.

My question to Coach Harbaugh is this: You won the game – why do you have to act like the spoiled child who got a pony for his birthday and started stomping his feet because he didn’t get the gold plated saddle with it?

But really I don’t care how he would answer.

All I can say at this point is this: Jim Harbaugh, just shut up!