Green Bay Packers waiting list: Your wait could be short


Jan 5, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers fans during the NFC Wild Card playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field. The Packers won 24-10. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The most traditional way NFL teams (besides the Green Bay Packers) sells season tickets is for all eight regular season games and two preseason games.  Our beloved Packers do their season tickets differently.

Currently Packers season ticket holders are split into two separate packages. There is a Gold Package and a Green Package. The Gold Package has two regular season games every year (plus the Midwest Shrine preseason game).

Gold Package games are always the second and the fifth regular season games of the year, ALWAYS. These folks were given first dibs on season tickets  because they were  the old Milwaukee County Stadium Packers season ticket holders. If you ever hear this is a Milwaukee game, it’s because it’s a Gold Package game.

They also had to pay a onetime $600 PSL (Personal Seat License) fee, for every ticket, plus the price of the ticket itself. If a family of four had season tickets in Gold package, they paid a ONE TIME $2,400 PSL fee plus their tickets ($600 for each ticket times 4).

The Green Package went to the old season ticket holders at Lambeau Field when they used to have 5 regular season games in Green Bay (and three in Milwaukee).  Those good folks have the six remaining regular season games plus one preseason game.  They paid a onetime PSL of $1,400 per ticket plus the tickets.

Playoff tickets are done via lottery.

So, with all of that, there is still a third list of Packers fans, those on the waiting list still to this day. Some of those good people have been waiting as long as 30-plus years. To be honest, I myself have been on the list for 14 years, and I am number 36,932.

"I propose they/we are given first dibs on the NEW ONE GAME Ticket if an 18-game season (1 extra home game and 1 extra road game) comes about, as I know it will."

I propose the new season ticket holders pay a ONE TIME $600 per seat PSL  plus ticket ($48,000,000 new money for Packers) and now all of a sudden the waiting has disappeared, everyone gets a game, or just about.  That would give the Packers 240,000 season tickets holders (three season ticket packages , Green, Gold and New Package), times the 80,000 seating capacity per game.

With 80,000 new customers from the new package, it means more jersey sales, more souvenir sales, more everything. Win-win for everyone, and Mark Murphy can make it happen.  I would wager they already have big plans for said tickets, so I say let’s not wait to start the battle cry for the tickets that should belong to you, Packers Nation, shareholders, those on the waiting list! They certainly do not belong to Mark Murphy. He is the luckiest man in the world to be chosen to be the President of the Packers.  There many many others qualified.

Give Packers fans the same break Bob Harlan gave you, Mr. Murphy. Please.

If enough participants vote yes on this poll, I will set up a website to start beating the drum to get ahead of this so Packers fans will not be left out in the cold, unless it’s in December enjoying our new tickets at Lambeau.