Grumpy Writer: When will Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy follow my lead?


Like Walter, this writer is getting tired of all the hate being dumped on the Pack. Photo Credit:

Mike McCarthy better be listening – Jeff Dunham is one of my favorite comedians. Why, you may ask?  Well it is simple he has Walter and like Walter I am slowly turning into a crusty old grump.  Especially when it comes to my beloved Green Bay Packers.

So after the bye week (which in football time is really about three weeks long), the Packers are faced with the daunting task of taking on the Detroit Lions and the streak. You know the streak!?!  The one that tells of how the last time the Lions came to the great State of Wisconsin and beat the Packers. It was back when Teddy Roosevelt was President or something like that.

Now we must listen to the constant blabbering of the pundits who rip this team apart from top to bottom and then turn them inside out in order to feed their fragile egos and boost their self-esteem. We hear how Detroit has such a solid defense and how we are going to have trouble stopping their running attack.

Well here is my two cents on those thoughts. First, we have stopped their defense in the past and after a week of self-reflection and another week of prep with a dose of attitude mixed in, the last place the Lions will want to be is on the frozen tundra. There is nothing worse than coming into someone’s house after they got their butts whipped cause ya know they are going to have a lot of aggression and will be looking to take it out on someone (here, kitty kitty!).

Second, it is easy to stop their running back just yell “free gifts, a limo ride and offer up his old Heisman trophy” and watch him stop dead in his tracks. Simple enough!

Dear Mike, why won’t you listen to my suggestions and try dominating the other team? Photo Credit: USA Today Sports.

Moving on, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall up at Lambeau this past week. I would love to have heard what Mike McCarthy really had to say to his guys, instead of the soundbites we get from the sports news. My guess and hope is that he turned off his filter and burned the ears off of any sailor in a 300-mile radius with the words he had not only for his team, but for his staff.

This team needs to play a complete game. We are talking four quarters of smashmouth football and good ole’ Mike better have had implants placed in everyone’s brain so this point is driven home.

I am sorry, but for three weeks I have written, yodeled and used smoke signals to point out that this team has failed to keep the pedal to the metal and steamroll opponents when the opportunity has presented itself. Instead they drop into every known form of prevent defense and offense, allowing the other team to get back into the game and then steal it at the last second.

So this week, those same guys need to apply pressure like a Russian massage therapist working out the kink in Clay Matthews‘ hamstring and kick the other team when they are down so they stay down.  f they don’t have that killer instinct, then this is going to be a very long season.

Finally, am I worried about this team?

Does an elephant have a trunk? Do mice eat cheese and will the Milwaukee Bucks have another losing record?

Of course I am worried.

Let’s send Matthew Stafford home crying.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

This team has the potential to be a powerhouse. Yet for some reason they would rather be everyone’s friend and buddy. That and a dollar will get you squat with a side order of nothing! This team needs to develop and establish an identity that says we are here to inflict pain and when we are done, you will be begging for mercy. I want to see domination, I want to see execution (performance-related, not like murder or something similar), I want to see Matthew Stafford cry as our defense uses him, abuses him, and pile drives him into next season.

I am grumpy, I am angry and I am tired of repeating myself week-in and week-out. When the hell is Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy going to actually listen to what I have to say? I mean, come on, man! I have stock in this team, when are they going to realize that my two cents is worth two cents and apply my suggestions (or rants) into a formidable game plan?

I, like the one billion other Packers fans, clearly see the problems this team is facing and just why won’t the powers that be listen to what we have to say?

My only words of wisdom for this team are simple. In the end, there can be only one. Keep your head and take no prisoners.

Send them baby putty-cats back home to the other side of the lake with another Wisconsin loss added to their tally!