Green Bay Packers at Baltimore Ravens: Five factors to watch

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1.) Can the Packers return to being road warriors?

Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

 In 2012, the Packers were 4-4 on the road; in 2011, 7-1; 2010, 3-5; and in 2009 they were 5-3.

Aside from 2010 (the year they won the Super Bowl) the Packers have been solid on the road. Normally, if a team can go 4-4 or 5-3 on the road in the season they are going to have a very good season. This is particularly important for the Packers because they dominate at Lambeau Field.

However, lately the Packers haven’t been playing well on the road and have been outplayed their last four games away from home, including the second-round playoff loss to the 49ers last season.

The Packers have lost five of the last six games on the road dating back to week 11 of 2012. The Packers have to figure out a way to play better football on the road. They’ve already lost two road games this season and losing a third Sunday could be  costly.

Prediction: The Packers are coming off a very impressive win last Sunday against the Lions, and this is usually the time of the year the Packers are at their best. Packers are too tough for the turnover-prone Ravens. The Packers win, 27-17.