By the Numbers: Comparing the Green Bay Packers and Baltimore Ravens

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Wide Receivers


Jordy Nelson celebrates with James Jones. Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Green Bay has a talented trio of receivers, as we all know. Jordy Nelson is 8th in the league in receiving yards per game at 92.8. James Jones is 14th with 84.8 yards per game, and Randall Cobb is 19th with 81.2 yards per game. The Packers are the only team in the league with three receivers in the top 20 for receiving yards per game, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are the only other team with at least two receivers (Blackmon and Shorts) in the top 20 in this category. In fact, all three Green Bay receivers average more yards per game than the likes of Calvin Johnson (78.0), Brandon Marshall (77.5), and A.J. Green (72.2) this season.

Baltimore’s Torrey Smith is third in the league with 556 receiving yards. He leads the NFL with a 20.6 yards per catch average. He also leads the league in catches over 20 yds with 13. However, Smith only has one receiving touchdown this season. Compare this to Green Bay’s top four receivers, who each have at least two touchdowns, and it’s clear that the Ravens’ top receiver hasn’t quite capitalized in the end zone. Baltimore’s leading receiver in touchdowns is rookie wideout Marlon Brown with three.