Green Bay Packers vs. Baltimore Ravens: Lombardiave predictions


The Green Bay Packers take on the Baltimore Ravens today. Below are the predictions of the staffers at

It’s game day here in Packers Nation and so with the start of the Green Bay Packers vs. Super Bowl Champions Baltimore Ravens just a couple of hours away, staffers here at come together once more to make our predictions.

You be the judge. We’re hoping for a Packers win and many of us are even boldly saying so in our predictions.

Read on …

John Dewey

John Dewey: Our friend, John, is the only one who has picked the Ravens, but he didn’t provide any explanation with his prediction – caveat: John is currently in the throes of moving, so we’ll let him off this week!

Ravens 24 Packers 21

Dan Dahlke

Dan Dahlke: The key to the game will be Green Bay’s ability to protect Rodgers and give him time to make some throws down field against a pedestrian Baltimore secondary. The Packers defense will also need to generate some quarterback pressure without Matthews in the lineup and prevent Flacco from hitting Torrey Smith for the big play.

Packers 24 Ravens 20

Eric Balkman

Eric Balkman: Without Clay Matthews, Brad Jones and Casey Hayward, Joe Flacco should have his breakout game of 2013. Torrey Smith is at the top of a cavalcade of NFL receiving categories, and I see him padding those numbers big time in Sunday’s matchup. The fact that Baltimore is probably going to get Jacoby Jones and Marlon Brown back as well will only add to the options at Flacco’s disposal. Both are tall receivers that Green Bay has struggled against, especially in the red zone.

But if Baltimore is putting up points, don’t think that Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are just going to roll over. This Ravens defense allowed 23 points each to Miami and Buffalo, so you can imagine what Rodgers and the guys can put up. I don’t see Eddie Lacy or Ray Rice playing huge roles in this game, because of the aerial attacks taking center stage. The bottom line is not to bet against Rodgers in a shootout.

Packers 34, Ravens 27

splitend89: The Packers travel to Baltimore to play a shell of the postseason Ravens. Aaron Rodgers has to see blood in the water versus the secondary, while Eddie Lacy must be chomping at the bit to be unleashed. Meanwhile, the battered defense is hoping to see the Joe Flacco that played Buffalo.

On the other side, the Ravens want to gash the Packers with a 100% Ray Rice and Torrey Smith. Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil are licking their chops at the thought of David Bahktiari and Don Barclay. When it all ends only one will be the victor, but I think a rejuvenated Mason Crosby hits it for the win.

Packers 27 Ravens 24

Tom Mrozla

Tom Mrozla: In the Ravens’ three wins Joe Flacco hasn’t exactly been a prolific passer. He’s only averaged 217 passing yards and throwing for one touchdown.  Average won’t be enough to keep up with the Packers this weekend.  The Packers arguably have the second best passing game behind the Broncos and I see their success continuing in Baltimore this weekend.  If I had to pick one thing that does worry me, it’s that the Packers haven’t won on the road yet but thankfully it’s early.  I think that changes this weekend.  As long as Aaron is protected …

Packers 27 Ravens 17

Davey Miller

Davey Miller: I think the Packers are ready to bust out of their funk, and take it the SB Champs. Eddie Lacy continues his ascension, and the Packers defense is getting straightened out.

Packers 27 Ravens 21

Josh Klipping: Rodgers throws 4 touchdowns and Lacy runs for over 100 yards.

Packers 34 Ravens 30

Tim Thomas: The Green Bay Packers played well last week and took down the Detroit Lions led by a great kicking performance from Mason Crosby. Now, the Packers face a Baltimore Ravens team that has some confidence after going to Miami and beating the Dolphins. Aaron Rodgers hasn’t had the best start possible but Packer fans should expect Rodgers to have a big game tomorrow. Green Bay’s running game has been effective and should also open up more space for Rodgers to make big plays. The Baltimore Ravens have the talent to take down the Packers though with QB Joe Flacco and RB Ray Rice ready to lead the way. However, the Packers have the speed in their secondary to shut down Torrey Smith and make the Baltimore offense one-dimensional. This will be a very tough game for the Packers in Baltimore but the Packers will find a way to get the victory.

Packers 28 Ravens 20

Andrew Davy

Andrew Davy: The Packers needed the road loss at Cincy to remind them that having more talent than the opponent doesn’t guarantee a win. Dom Capers has a motto: when turnovers come they usually come in bunches. The Packers will have a chance to tally up the turnovers against the the struggling Joe Flacco. The Packers run defense has been stout. Their defensive line has set the tone against the run. The Packers will be tested without their best run defending linebacker — Brad Jones — and best pass rusher — Clay Matthews. My bet is that Capers gets creative with blitz packages. Offensively, look for more of Eddie Lacy. He’s becoming more trusted as a pass blocker which should keep him on the field. If the Packers can limit Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce and force Flacco to throw, it’ll be a long day for Baltimore.

Packers 27 Ravens 20

Luke Hanish

Luke Hanish: As I wrote earlier this week, the Packers defense is far from the same without Clay Matthews on the field. With that being said I do however, feel that between Mike Neal and rookie Nate Palmer they can at least hold their own.

Determining exactly what kind of team Baltimore has this season is pretty much comparable to the flip of a coin depending on the week. One week they’re on, the next Joe Flacco is throwing 5 interceptions in one game (AGAINST BUFFALO!) the Packers defense has looked better against the run this season as compared to seasons of the past so it would probably be safe to assume stopping Ray Rice would be priority number one.

Flacco would be the wild card here as he has had quite the up and down season this far. Offensively Aaron Rodgers is biting at the bit for more touchdowns, not field goals. Rodgers once again is playing with a chip on his shoulder from a lack of scoring yet I feel the Baltimore D will focus on the passing game leaving running lanes open for Eddie Lacy. While still respectable (especially at home), this is far from the Baltimore D that was prominently led by Ed Reed and Ray Lewis.

The Packers are also suffering somewhat of an identity crisis having yet to win on the road. That will end today.

Packers 31 Ravens 24

Darryl Krejci

Darryl Krejci: Last week I was right (from a certain point of view).  I said the Pack would win by three points.  Well I was right in the sense that they continuously scored three points, so I will take that as my prediction was correct.

This week I predict that the sun will shine, the defense will sputter with the absence of Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers and the offense will have their biggest day ever.  Rodgers will throw for 465 yards and four touchdowns.  Our running game will pound away with another 100 yard game.

Packers 35 Ravens 14

Bill Walton and his family

Bill Walton: The Packers will test the latest version of their next-man-up defense today in Baltimore. It will be critically important for the entire defense to communicate and remain assignment-sure regardless of which bodies are lining up where. On offense the Packers need to give the Ravens a healthy dose of ball-control football. The offensive line has gotten off to a good start and they’ll need to continue trending up. Baltimore is not the same team they were last year but they’ll still be the toughest test the Packers have faced since the 49ers in week one. Wife Deneen sees the Packers coming away with a win 28-14. Son John predicts the Packers winning it 35-21. I think the Packers will win a back-and-forth battle 34-24.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Vikings RB Adrian Peterson after the senseless loss of is young son. Football is a game- tremendously entertaining but trivial in comparison to real triumph and in this case tragedy.Go Pack GO!

Kevin Dickens: This Sunday will mark a showdown between two of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league, Aaron Rodgers and Joe Flacco. Last year with their backs against the wall in week 6, Green Bay traveled down to Houston and THUMPED the Texans who looked like an AFC powerhouse at the time. This year week 6 provides the new look, yet reigning Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. As long as Mike McCarthy has a game plan to keep Suggs off of Rodgers, expect 12 and the Big Three to shake off their end zone cobwebs against a very suspect Baltimore secondary. Green Bay needs a statement win. Aaron flings three TD’s. I like the Packers big in this one to keep momentum going.

Packers 31 Ravens 14

Ray Rivard

Ray Rivard: I’ve been going back and forth on my selection this week. The Packers defense is on the rise, even without Matthews; the Ravens’ offense has been inconsistent, as has Joe Flacco; the Packers run game is getting going; the Ravens run defense is one of the tops in the league; Aaron Rodgers has been good, but not great – yet. So, this is a very difficult pick. The Packers are 0-2 on the road and if they are going to have any chance of winning the NFC North Division, they have to start winning these road games. But is there a more difficult challenge ahead than this on on the road? Probably not.

So, with all that said, I feel the Packers will come out with a statement game here and beat the Ravens in their own house. It will be close for much of the game with a lot of three-and-outs on both sides, but I feel the Packers have more down the stretch than do the Ravens.

Packers 31 Ravens 23