Cleveland Browns vs. Green Bay Packers: What we’ll be watching

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1.) Can the Packers protect Lambeau?

General view of the Green Bay Packers logo at midfield at Lambeau Field.

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Since the start of the 2010 season the Packers are 25-3 in their last 28 home games, including last year’s wild card playoff win over the Minnesota Vikings and the 2011 loss to the New York Giants — impressive.

The magic of Lambeau Field is known worldwide. Players dream about playing at the mecca of football that is Lambeau Field. However, for the Packers, it’s not a place to enjoy and admire, it’s a place to protect and keep sacred, and they’ve done that the last decade-plus.

With the addition of 7,000 seats in the south end zone, Lambeau Field is not only a tough place to play physically with the cold weather and the Packers’ football team, it has become a place where you have to be mentally sharp due to the increase in sound levels.

Packers’ fans are always at their loudest when watching the green and gold from the comfortable confines of Lambeau Field. However, the addition of 7,000 seats and an overhang in the south end zone, sound is being trapped in the stadium, making it very difficult for opposing teams to communicate.

Game Prediction: Packers make it 26-3 in their last 29 home games, and prove too tough for the lonely Browns, they win, 24-13.