Lombardiave’s Dan Dahlke talks Packers vs. Vikings on The Viking Age

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3) Josh Freeman was named the starting quarterback for this game.  After his dismal performance on Monday Night Football against the Giants, is there any reason for the Packers defense to fear the Vikings pass game?  (Note: this question was asked prior to discovering Freeman’s concussion)

Honestly, as a Packers fan there isn’t a lot that worries me about Josh Freeman at quarterback at this point. It’s obvious he’s still not comfortable in the Vikings offense.

However, once I heard Christian Ponder will get the start because Freeman suffered a concussion last week, I became a little more worried. I realize Ponder isn’t the greatest quarterback in the league, but historically, he’s played well against the Packers at home. Last year, in the season finale he posted a 120 passer rating in the win over the Packers at home.

I guess I’d rather have the Packers play against Freeman who’s still learning the offense than Ponder, who has proven he can play a good game against Green Bay. Either way, the Vikings have plenty of weapons in the passing game for the Packers defense to account for. Green Bay knows Greg Jennings can be effective in the slot and Cordarrelle Patterson has the speed to be a threat downfield. However, I think the biggest challenge for the Packers defense could by second-year tight end Kyle Rudolph. The Packers have struggled defending pass-catching tight ends over the middle of the field in the past. How well the Packers defend Rudolph could be one of the keys in the game.