Green Bay Packers Citizen GM: Let’s talk free agents

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Matt Flynn

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Matt Flynn: back at his rightful place as backup QB to Aaron Rodgers, Flynn has found success that eluded him on the open market. He fits the system here.

  1. Flynn returns to GB if – the Packers do not pursue a young signal caller in the draft. With so many other needs, it is hard to imagine Packers brass making such a decision, so Flynn’s future seems secure in Green Bay, even with young Scott Tolzien getting much-needed development under McCarthy in the offseason.
  2. Flynn walks if – the Packers feel that Scott Tolzien is ready to take the reins. Chances are great that this won’t happen any time soon. If the Packers take a talented game-ready QB in the first round of the draft (highly unlikely), they may feel more secure in letting Flynn’s contract expire without renewal.