Green Bay Packers defensive free agents: Who stays and who goes?

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Jamari Lattimore

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4. Jamari Lattimore – yet another undrafted free agent in 2011, Lattimore might have actually been worth the bargain hunt. This just his third year in the league, he was put to the ultimate test when both Brad Jones and Robert Francois took to the sidelines due to injury. Up until that point being a third-string linebacker, Lattimore came in and performed way above his expectations. When Jones was again healthy, Dom Capers still utilized Lattimore’s talents, keeping his presence on the field. For a young, raw guy … he did an amazing fill-in job. He flew around the field, is a consistent tackler and makes plays. However, he is still raw and needs to continue being coached up to really be great.

  • Returns to GB if – the Packers saw the potential in him that I did. It’s clear that they did, as Capers praised Lattimore extensively and even allowed him certain packages to play in when Brad Jones returned to the lineup, healthy. Lattimore was durable, explosive and seems moldable. He should come back to the Packers relatively cheap and is definitely worth the roster spot and a chance to earn the job during training camp. He shows a lot of potential and inside linebacker is one of the units on defense that could use strengthening.
  • Walks from GB if – the Packers are happy with A.J Hawk and Brad Jones moving forward with intentions of filling the need at linebacker during the draft. At times this season, Lattimore looked more explosive than starter Jones. If the Packers are bold, they should hold onto Lattimore and build on his innate talents.