Green Bay Packers Rookies: How Will They Do in 2014?

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Offensive lineman Corey Linsley Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Round 5 – [Pick 21]: Corey Linsley, C

By picking Linsley, the Packers were able to get something they haven’t had since Jeff Saturday: a true center.

Beyond Saturday, every player who has taken center snaps for Green Bay has been a convert from another position. This distinction won’t be enough on its own to win the starting job for Linsley, but it does mean that even if he doesn’t start there will be at least one true center set to make the roster for now and the future.

And there is no reason he shouldn’t at least make this and future rosters, as well as challenge for that starting post.

He is a strong and stout player who brings with him strong leadership abilities. He plays well in the ground game, and has a penchant for playing through pain.

He does have limitations (hence the late round status of his selection) which include short arms and slow feet. He also has been described as more strong than explosive, meaning he has to build up to putting his strength to use than having the ability to strike fast.

Overall his combination of strength, intelligence, and competitiveness do tend to lessen the detriment of his athletic limitations so he should be able to be an effective player.

Whether that will be enough to beat out his competition in J.C. Tretter – who to this point has seen all the 1st-team work – remains to be seen.


Linsley definitely makes the roster, but barring an injury to Tretter (not unprecedented; he missed a majority of last season with a broken ankle) he won’t be seeing time as the starter at center for at least a year.