Is Jordy Nelson worth $10 million per year?


The Green Bay Packers have reportedly been negotiating with wide receiver Jordy Nelson‘s camp for months and today’s report that he is demanding $10 million per season may have given us a glimpse of why the negotiations have taken so long.

With Roddy White recently re-signing with the Falcons for big money (a reported $18 million in guaranteed money), he may have set the benchmark for Nelson and his agent.

Here is how Rob Demovsky of ESPN described it:

"Nelson is seeking all of that—and more. A source familiar with the negotiations said Nelson wants a deal worth at least $10 million per season. That would be a major increase from his current contract, which averages $4.2 million per season and ranks 34th among all NFL receivers. White was due to make $5 million this season."

Is Jordy Nelson worthy of that kind of money? Is he simply a product of Aaron Rodgers‘ golden arm? Is he valuable enough for the Packers to plunk down that kind of money when the team is so deep in talent at the position?

Is he valuable enough for the Packers to plunk down that kind of money when the team is so deep in talent at the position?

After all, Ted Thompson went out and drafted not one, not two, but three wide receivers in this past spring’s draft to add to a field of receivers that are as deep as an in the entire league.

There is the argument that Nelson has been a rider on the arm of Aaron Rodgers. This is true, but so is every other receiver who has played for the Green Bay Packers the past decade.

The Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson connection is the best in the NFL right now.

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Nelson and Rodgers have a chemistry that is undeniable and would be a shame to break up. Yes, someone would step in for Nelson and probably do a decent job, but when you’ve got the leadership, the knowledge and the toughness of someone like Nelson already in the fold it only strengthens the team.

And considering the Packers re-signed Nelson back a few years for pennies on the dollar, this next contract is the one where Nelson is going to make his time in the NFL worthy of his efforts.

You can’t blame the guy.

Consider this: Since signing the contract in 2011, he’s averaged 67 catches, 1,107 yards and 10 touchdowns per season. 

That’s pretty good production.

Is it worth $10 million per year?

I think so, and I’m sure there are plenty of Packers fans who thinks so, too.

We all have seen Jordy work the sidelines, his ability to play in the slot, and his penchant for the big catch – all you have to do is watch the week 17 game last season against the Chicago Bears to come to a quick decision on his value.

Unfortunately, we don’t pay the bills  or manage the money for the Green Bay Packers. Nor do we negotiate contracts.

If Ted Thompson feels that he’s got the players who can perform like Nelson for a whole lot less, he might just pass and let Jordy walk in free agency.

The Packers will have other free agents that they will have to sing after this season, as well – namely Randall Cobb.

Is there enough money to go around for both of them?

That will be up to Ted Thompson.

In the meantime, here are Nelson’s statistics for the past six seasons: