The 10 Most Important Packers of 2014

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Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb (18). Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

3) Randall Cobb

Some may be surprised I have Cobb ranked this high. However, I think Cobb’s worth to this team still hasn’t been fully realized.

Cobb is perhaps the Packers’ most dangerous offensive weapon. His versatility is incredible. He can line up wide, in the slot, in the backfield, or be moved in motion.

Cobb gives the Packers offense a certain dynamic that no other player on the roster can. He’s explosive with the ball in his hands and seems nearly impossible to gameplan against.

Cobb can do so much after the catch, which makes him difficult to defend. He keeps opposing defense guessing, which is one of the biggest advantages to have going into Sunday.

While Nelson is the Packers’ top deep threat, Cobb will be moved all over the offense and become the type of possession receiver they haven’t seen since Donald Driver’s best years.