Green Bay Packers Mailbag: The Fifth Edition


What’s up Green Bay Packers fans?! Welcome to “Revenge of the Fifth!” This is our weekly mailbag and we are excited from a Packers preseason victory and even more to answer all of your questions from the week!

Let’s get right to it!

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David G. asks,

"How are LBs Carl Bradford and Adrian Hubbard looking? Any chance Hubbard makes the final roster?"

I feel like I have fielded a Bradford/Hubbard question almost every week of the mailbag’s existence. People are really interested in seeing how the possible future at linebacker is doing. That and I think everyone is wishing the Jerel Worthy deal to New England included Nick Perry with it for an extra pick (higher pick, of course).

Unfortunately for both of them they are not playing as well as would be hoped. I have been searching around and I cannot even tell if Bradford played Saturday – he did not register any stats, including tackles. Hubbard managed to get a sack and tackle in the game, but this came against the reserve units. We also have not heard much of any noise from camp/practice on these players, so it is not looking good.

Bradford may make it to the final roster simply based on his draft status as a fourth round choice. Hubbard has to fight and claw his way to impact plays during the last two preseason games. If he can really put something together then he has a chance to make it. Otherwise, maybe he gets a shot on the practice squad.

I’d watch that Jayrone Elliott kid a little more. Three sacks in four plays is pretty impressive.

Next, Chris Johnson asked,

"Will Jarrett Bush make the team? If so, how many snaps do you think he’ll play on defense?"

Jarrett Bush. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Bush is one of those interesting cases. He has never developed into a top tier corner for the Packers, but he has been the performance and emotional leader of the special teams unit. But Bush only played 126 snaps on defense in 2013, even as bad as our secondary played, not to mention the injuries that plagued us.

Bush will make the team. He is too valuable on special teams. But as for defensive snaps he will be lucky to play 100. Between Sam Shields, Tramon Williams, and Casey Hayward starting, and I’m assuming Davon House is backup for one outside spot and and Micah Hyde most likely will play in dime or back up for nickle, that it would be rough for the defense for him to see much more than 100. That would mean either someone is hurt, or someone is sucking it up.

Dan wonders …

"Give me one player on offense and one player on defense you think will have breakout years."

On offense, I’ll go with Brandon Bostick (assuming his injury isn’t bad from Saturday night’s game). Bostick has a lower leg injury.

While he has only caught one pass so far this preseason, it was quite a play. Bostick took a pass in the flat, turned and made two defenders miss, and gained 24 yards. It was the type of play we used to see from Jermichael Finley. If that could be replaced in the offense by Bostick, look out NFL. He has also looked great in practice so he has a chance to turn some heads.

On defense, I’m going to go with Datone Jones/Micah Hyde. I know I’m cheating going with two. I just like those two.

This is the year I look for Datone to live up to his potential. He has the athletic skills to make it happen, it’s simply time to put the teaching and coaching he has received together with it. Personally I feel anything less than 7.5 sacks will be a disappointment, especially when he has one of the best defensive ends in the league there with him to teach him a thing in Julius Peppers.

Hyde I just love. He is an unknown from a smaller school who is transitioning to a position that I think will suit his skill set even better. Hyde is a worker, and knows he has to use his intelligence to make up for his lack of elite athleticism and that can turn him into a great player.

Lastly Tom Mrozla asked,

"What do you think Chase Rettig’s future with the Packers will be like?"

Green Bay Packers quarterback Chase Rettig. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Well, in two preseason games he has thrown a total of three passes. He only completed one for 10 yards. I was not really that impressed in the little bit I saw. I know he was playing with the third-teamers, but you have to do things to get noticed and he didn’t. I do not have high hopes for him given Mike McCarthy did not give him any pass attempts in the St. Louis preseason game.

Rettig might see the practice squad, but I could see him just being a camp body and being cut. McCarthy has the three quarterbacks he wants in Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, and Scott Tolzien.

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