Green Bay Packers Mailbag: Preseason winds down


Hello Green Bay Packers fans! Excited to be writing to you once again!

The Packers won in the preseason Friday night, and boy does the offense look good! Cannot wait for the regular season.

We had a poll in our weekly reminder with the question “Will Jayrone Elliott make the Packers final 53?” You all voted, and the final numbers were as follows- 26 voted that he makes the practice squad, 24 say he is on special teams,  18 said he becomes Frank Zombo 2.0, and only 1 said not at all.

Personally, I voted he makes the final roster as a special teams player, but time will tell. Elliott did collect another sack Friday night, and if he makes a great impression versus Kansas City, he could very well make the roster at a crowded position.

Now, on to our questions!

Justin Perillo, rookie linebacker. Jim Oxley photograph

NOTE: This post will be the area in which we will accept questions for next week, as well as in a reminder post at midweek. Just scroll down to the comments below and ask away!

Peter Maiz asked …

"David, I think Bostick is needed, his speed and catching ability makes him the better of the 3 TEs. If he does not make week one, and if he is the better of the 3, should he be there week 2? I think Rettig won’t even make PS. But on Bradford. Could he have been a mistake or is it a matter of time? Also, I’d like to see if Elliott is the real deal, I think he may be."

I’ll give somewhat of quick answers to these since there are two questions contained into one paragraph. With Brandon Bostick, I think he is needed, but I think the Packers will be OK with the current roster if he needs a week or so to get better. With the skill position players in Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, Eddie Lacy‘s dominance, as well as Richard Rodgers putting some good plays together, the number one offense can gel with him in week 3 or 4.

Bradford, on the other hand, might be a mistake but I am willing to put that more on the coaching staff. Bradford is a bit undersized for outside linebacker at 6-1 and 250 pounds, plus he was thought to have the intelligence to move inside. The Packers did not think so and kept him outside. I think the mistake lies there instead of solely on Bradford. However, in this league you have to make plays, and whether practice or preseason, he simply has not.

Dan asked …

"What veterans could be surprise roster cuts when Green Bay goes down to 53 next week?"

Probably the biggest surprise of all would be Matt Flynn. He is in fact fighting for a roster spot right now, and though he has suffered in the preseason because of mental errors on the part of newer players, he still has to make plays. Scott Tolzien is simply making them right now and showing better arm strength than Flynn. Flynn would definitely surprise.

Mike Brand asked …

"Matt Flynn. Jim Oxley photographDo you think Jake Doughty makes the practice squad? Utah State is my guilty pleasure college team along with Purdue and I have always enjoyed watching him play, but not sure he is up to NFL level yet. With some work on practice squad I think he could be caught up in a year or two."

Jake Doughty has not made a ton of plays, but he has made some tackles in preseason games (5 ,2, and 1 though the middle 2 preseason games break in the starters). The main thing that could benefit him is the lack of depth behind A.J. Hawk, Brad Jones, and Jamari Lattimore. The Packers might just think to retain him if he can make some plays next week. I do agree however that the practice squad would be a good help to him learning the speed of the game.

Pat Kelly asked …

"What’s your take on who the Packers will place on the 10-man practice squad?"

If I had to go with my gut, I would like to say that it looks a bit like this:

I cannot be sure on everything, but each of these players have played a decent number of snaps and if they can put it together in the last preseason game they can really give themselves a chance. Neal played well enough for a shot, Gillett has helped himself with Friday night’s play, Harper is inconsistent but I think he will end up back on the practice squad. Stoneburner knows the system and given tight end injuries is a good player to keep around.

Gerhart has a similar history to Stoneburner. Adams has been given some long looks. Doughty is getting playing time and there is low depth inside at linebacker. Hubbard they may want to give a chance with an impact play versus St Louis, and Rolle, like Adams, is getting playing time so they obviously want to see what he can do.

The Packers have to be happy with the practice squad increase limit.

Lastly, Stacy Thompson asked …

"What are the plans for Ha-Ha Clinton Dix and how many carries is Eddie Lacy predicted to have this year?"

If I had to guess on Clinton-Dix, he is going to play mainly in the dime/nickle safety role. With Micah Hyde playing well, and unless Morgan Burnett just plays awful, there is not a reason to rush him. Let him get up to speed.

Lacy will almost assuredly get more than 300 carries. He had 284 last year, and he was not even starting right away. The good thing is that we have James Starks and DuJuan Harris available to spell Lacy so he does not suffer a blow-out.

Thanks to everyone for their questions this week, this was the first time we were not able to get to all of them. We will try and save as many for other weeks as we can, but until then have a great weekend – Go Pack Go! – and we will see you next week!

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Can’t wait to hear from you!