Green Bay Packers by bits and pieces


The Green Bay Packers were down for the count seven days ago, remember?

Today, there was never a doubt that this Packers team was a little bit different as they owned Chicago’s Soldier Field.

The NFL has few places that match this place where football means “hit them hard,” and if you are not the toughest, then go home.

It used to mean the same to the fans, but the times have changed.

Today the Packers went home, taking a victory with them. However, a little humiliation stayed in Chicago for the Bears to growl over. Wait a few weeks, we’ll see them again.

Here are some other thoughts about today’s game …

Sep 28, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) drops back to pass against the Chicago Bears during the first half at Soldier Field. Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

* Strong man of the day goes to Ha Ha Clinton Dix, for his matchup on the pass play at the end of the first half. Cutler lined up on the 9 yard line with 9 seconds on the clock, he threw complete to Martellus Bennett at the one yard line, where he was immediately wrapped up by Ha Ha, and swung back to the 3-yardline as the clock ran out.

The Bears challenged, but it was an inconclusive view and the play stood … no touchdown, as time ran out. The Packers remained up by four at the half.

* The thing that made the highlights today, was finally being able to put that old “I knew he was going to be doing stuff like this, once things settled down.”

Things sure did settle down. That goes two-fold for the defense. It’s about time, we saw Ha Ha Clinton Dix come to life today, along with linbebacker Clay Matthews, who has been in coverage eno0ugh to start grabbing the ball out of thin air.

Somebody finally remembered: When that ball’s in the air, it belongs to anyone. Anyone, as in the defense, too.

* Randall Cobb – known for his the acrobatic catches, is one of the quickest after-catch runners the NFL has seen.

Jordy Nelson has the same going on. As they move up together, Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson are growing into the league’s very best.

Nelson is a sure-handed go-to guy when Rodgers needs a catch, (pause) again.

There’s more to it though.

Two consecutive years on IR, Cobb’s no longer playing with a concern for re-injury, focusing on winning. Jordy Nelson’s the kind who won’t go down without a fight, hauling in nine, yes (9) catches Sunday, to keep his league-lead stats going.

Cobb – you can be sure he’ll be there if given the opportunity, when it comes time to catch the football, no matter if it’s in traffic, on a crossing pattern, or all alone, he’s got it and he’s going to boogie on home with it. His counterpart, the league-leading Jordy Nelson, isn’t half of a half of a half-step slower than Cobb, himself, when he’s not nursing dents and bruises that come with the job.

* The Packers dropped like a lead ball during last week’s, sleep-over against Detroit, moving down eight slots in the power rankings. The rankings saw the Packers below this tough Chicago (13th) Bears team, all the way down to 20th.

Sep 28, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson (87) makes a touchdown catch against the Chicago Bears during the second half at Soldier Field. The Green Bay Packers defeats the Chicago Bears 38-17. Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Many thought it was going to be an extra point to make the difference in Chicago, but the command was there most of the game, and they put up a nice 38 points. Does this mean they get back 9, 10 or 12 slots in the power rankings? That would put them where they belong, in the top 10.

* Not all was so sweet coming from the Packers on that sunny warm fall afternoon in Chicago. The Packers defense went home with a victory, despite giving up 498 yards to Chicago.

* Today’s top story, however, was off-the-field – Packers legend Bart Starr. Many a Wisconsin kids hero during the 1960s, Starr was born Jan. 9, 1934. The 80-year-old Packers champ is recovering nicely in Arizona, still hospitalized, and said to be making good progress with intensive therapy.

We send our prayers out for Bart and his family, to make it back from the debilitating stroke in championship form. And we know Bart wouldn’t do it any other way.

He was, in his day, the best quarterback as there ever was, and still is, remaining the winningest the Packers ever had.