The Green Bay Packers Look To Stay Hot Against Dolphins

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Green Bay Packers fantasy football fans … R-E-L-A-X.

If Aaron Rodgers can use it, why can’t I?

Some were starting to panic early on about the productions of guys like Eddie Lacy, but rest assured, Lacy has arrived.

A combination of playing some of the best front sevens in football and running behind banged up offensive line, Lacy struggled out of the gate. In the last two games, Lacy, has however proved to people that he was worthy of that 1st round grade that he had coming into the season.

Will it all keep up?

We’ll find out Sunday when the Packers take on the Miami Dolphins.

A look back from last week.

Aaron Rodgers – Projected – 24; Actual – 18

Eddie Lacy – Projected – 15; Actual – 24

Jordy Nelson – Projected – 15; Actual – 12

Randall Cobb – Projected – 15; Actual – 9

Davante Adams – Projected – 5; Actual – 7

Tight Ends – Projected – 6; Actual – 1

Defense – Projected – 6; Actual – 23

Mason Crosby – Projected – 7; Actual – 6

We had some go above and beyond but also had some fall a little short. Luckily, the ones who fell short still did pretty good. The defense and Eddie Lacy were the biggest bread winners last week.

Now, onto the good stuff. turn the page …