Green Bay Packers Mailbag: South Beach Edition


Hello Green Bay Packers fans!

What a wonderful victory Monday!

The Packers are 4-2, and I can tell you that this writer was biting his nails at work staring at the play-by-play during the last minute. Used to be NFL Mobile did not charge you to listen to the game, but due to the fact they realize free did not make them money I lost out on hearing the final play.

But thankfully I was able to throw my fist in the air once the alert changed to touchdown.

Wow, what a finish.

On to our weekly poll!

This week we wondered, “Should the Packers go back to J.C. Tretter once he returns from injury?”

A whopping 92 percent of the votes said “No, it would disrupt the offensive line chemistry,” while the other 8 percent think “Yes, he is the best option.”

My personal opinion lies with the 92 percent. The line is gelling, why ruin that with a mid-season change?

Tretter has yet to even play in a regular season game, so it seems to me a Don Barclay role of utility lineman would be the best for him right now. Given he was a tackle originally and we could see the likes of Bryan Bulaga and Derek Sherrod leave next season, having him ready at either or any position would be a plus.

To the questions!

Susan Adams asked us on Facebook …

"“Besides Andy Mulumba, do any of the other players speak another language other than English?”"

I looked into that Susan, and I could not find anything anywhere about current Packers players. I did manage to find something about a Packers player from recent memory, Brady Poppinga. He speaks Spanish as a second language. After graduating high school, Poppinga went on a 2-year Mormon mission to Uraguay where he was forced into learning it.

Said Poppinga …

"“I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ, and the Urugayans, they were so nice enough to teach me the language. I lived there for two years, and then I came back, and pretty much after I learned the language and fell in love with the Latin culture, I did everything I could to continue to practice and develop my skills as a Spanish speaker.”"

Kenneth Kumerle asked …

"“Is there a chance Jermichael Finley returns at some point?”"

The quick answer is a no, Kenneth. The Packers and the Seahawks both had physicians that would not clear him, and that tells me it is going to be really difficult for him to find work. Add in the fact that Mr. Finley has somewhat of a big opinion of himself and that makes it even harder.

If a team did want to give him a chance they would likely offer a very low or even minimum contract at this point. I just do not see Finley taking that kind of money when he believes he is worth more (he is when he is healthy) and h would not be making the money to justify the risk.

It is very sad to see a man of his talent forced into leaving the game due to injury but it happens to a bunch of players, especially with names like Nick Collins and Terrence Murphy in our past. I wish him well, and that he will enjoy the $10 million he just put in a claim for (insurance in case of said injury).

Thanks again to everyone who contributes to our mailbags! We love your questions!

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Can’t wait to hear from you!