Impact Of The Percy Harvin Trade On Green Bay Packers

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Why did it happen?

Well, there are probably multiple reasons going into this from both sides.

For the Jets, they have been harped on heavily by fans and the media for not adding more offensive playmakers in the offseason. Even with the additions of Eric Decker and Chris Johnson, they still have been unable to produce much consistently on offense.

Johnson has been highly disappointing, not doing much so far to show he is anywhere near the runner he used to be. For all intents and purposes, he looks done. He hasn’t had any burst – and he’s never been a tackle-breaker – so it isn’t surprising to see Chris Ivory continue as the main back and Bilal Powell has started eating into Johnson’s snaps.

Decker has played decently well, but he isn’t really a #1-level receiver and has dealt with a hamstring injury that has further affected his ability to make a difference.

Adding a player like Harvin gives them a very dynamic option to go with Decker and TE Jace Amaro, which should make the Jets more potent on offense.

For Seattle, they are sitting at 3-2, but haven’t been nearly as dominant as last season and have been visibly frustrated with that fact. They’ve noticeably been moving away from their strength as a running team and passing more, which probably contributes to that.

Combine that with the talk of Harvin not exactly being the most even-keeled guy and you can see this as an attempt to move on from a potential problem before it becomes a real issue while trying to re-establish their former offensive identity.