Green Bay Packers: Dom Capers shouldn’t R-E-L-A-X


The Green Bay Packers bye week couldn’t have came at a better time – especially for defensive coordinator Dom Capers.

Dom Capers is starting to become, dare I say, President-like. You either like him or you don’t.

The bright shiny lights once again proved to be too much for the Packers.

More specifically, the Dom Capers-led defense.

Dom Capers is starting to become, dare I say, President-like. You either like him or you don’t.

Quite often you will hear that Capers “doesn’t have the talent to do a good job.” When the defense does well, it’s because of Capers, when it performs badly it’s the players fault.

But when the offense struggles, it’s always McCarthy’s fault. Such contrasting arguments for two coaches that don’t differ much. Stubborn and stuck in their ways.

Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers talks with the defense during warmups prior to the game against the Carolina Panthers at Lambeau Field. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

For those who follow me, I’ve been against Dom Capers since the 2011 season. The 2011 season was historically great for the offense and disastrously bad for the defense.

Dom Capers has never fully recovered from that season, in my opinion.

I’m a numbers guy. I believe that numbers can tell you a lot of the story that sometimes gets missed.

Including 2011, Capers defense averages out to 22nd overall. Well below average. Another telling stat that is that Dom Capers has historically regressed during his stints at each team.

This brings me to this season.

I thought the Packers needed to bring in fresh blood, even if it was assistant head coach Winston Moss.

The Packers stuck with Capers.

The Packers opened up against the Seahawks and got embarrassed on both sides of the ball. Outcoached and outplayed.

In the three losses the Packers defense has surrendered an average 171.6 yards on the ground.

The only victory against a .500 or better team was against the Dolphins (who just went over the .500 mark this week).

It’s easy to jump to injuries. This last game saw three starters out on defense (Datone Jones, Morgan Burnett, and Sam Shields). But this was the same defense that just shut down Cam Newton in convincing fashion.

Against the Saints they were just convincingly bad.

They made Mark Ingram look like a seasoned all-pro while Drew Brees had all day to pass to receivers that were so open you didn’t see the coverage until the camera panned back.

It was a train wreck that we should have all seen coming.

The Packers will have a lot to work on.

They currently trail the Detroit Lions in the NFC North and if the season ended today they’d just sneak in as the 6-seed.

This bye week couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

Whether McCarthy puts his foot down or Capers finally comes out of his funk, this defense needs a reality check.

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram ran all over the Packers Sunday night. Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports photograph

They play so soft it’s embarrassing as a Packers fan. Mike Daniels barked about playing with attitude in the beginning of the season and they are far from being disruptive.

If it is true that they lack talent, they can at least play with attitude and heart to mask their lack of skills.

Someone also needs to step up to lead this defense.

Clay Matthews has been up and down since they tried to change his position. They have no voice, no identity.

Like him or not, Capers has to change something in this defense during the final stretch of the season.

Otherwise it may be another disappointing early exit from the playoffs.