Lombardiave.com staffers predict Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears


Here we are heading into the Green Bay Packers Week 10 matchup against NFC North Division rival Chicago Bears … and with it comes Lombardiave.com staffers predictions.

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Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson: I predict a fired up Green Bay Packers team takes the field Sunday night and takes care of business. With Burnett and Jones back, the run defense bounces back and the offense emerges refreshed and regrouped. Also: Jay freaking Cutler.

Packers 31 Bears 17

Josh McPeak

Josh McPeak: The NFL has been anything but predictable this season. While it looks like the Packers should win with ease on Sunday night, they will be up against a very desperate Bears team that knows any chance they have to salvage their season is at stake.

Anything can happen and in this rivalry it has.

I would hope however, the defensive unit for the Pack will play with some fire after an embarrassing outing against the Saints.

Aaron Rodgers is just too much for the Bears to handle. The key for the Bears will be keeping the ball out of the hands of Rodgers. I’m counting on Jay Cutler to give #12 a few extra possessions.

Go Pack Go!!!

Packers 34 Bears 23

Coalter Hansen

Coalter Hansen: After one of the worst performances in a long time, the defense uses this game as a bounce-back.

They don’t shut out Jay Cutler but they fluster him early and keep Matt Forte from having a big game.
Packers 31 Bears 20

Darryl Krejci

Darryl Krejci: This one is very simple.

Again the power of the tutu will bring forth another victory. This has nothing to do with the Defense, Offense or Special Teams.

It is all about the tutu!

Packers 37 Bears 23

Dan VerDuin: After one of the worst defensive performances of recent memory, a bye week, and the return of a healthy secondary, the Packers look to continue their supremacy over a Bears team with many internal issues.

I predict a lopsided victory in the Lambeau Field with little defense on either side of the field.

Packers 31 Bears 17

Kevin Dickens

Kevin Dickens: All I need to say is I just watched all 19 of Jay Cutler’s interceptions against the Green Bay Packers.

Yes 19 against one team.

With a rested and rejuvenated defense the Packers will add 2 more to Cutler’s total. Aaron Rodgers and company will capitalize and the Packers will roll their way to a sweep of the Bears.

Packers 45 Bears 31

David Burdette

David Burdette: We have all watched Jay Cutler. Its like a case of Jekyll and Hyde. Except with interceptions. Good Jay will start the game, Bad Jay will finish it.

The Packers, on the other hand, will have trouble with Matt Forte gashing them. But Aaron Rodgers will run up a lead reminding the league he should be in the MVP discussion and that will bring out Bad Jay.

Packers run it up in the third quarter to put it away.

Packers 42 Bears 24

Kenn Korb

Kenn Korb: A week off to recover both from injuries and the blowout defeat in New Orleans should provide Green Bay with exactly the type of energy and motivation to start of the second half of the season with a strong effort. Having the Bears as their first game back will only make things more exciting for all involved (except those guys in Chicago jerseys).

The Bears do still have players on offense that are capable of having great days, most notably Matt Forte. The Packers will have to prove that they are going to do a better job at preventing runners from gashing them right away, because Forte has been the most consistent and reliable option for the Bears in both the run and pass games.

Forte will get his, but don’t fret; Jay Cutler and his turnover-friendly ways are coming with him, and that should help to allow Green Bay to take another victory.

It won’t be easy – Chicago is going to be desperate at 3-5 to save their season – but expect Aaron Rodgers and Co. to take it to the defense akin to the first meeting this season.

Once the score goes up, the running will slow, and Cutler will do what he always has done against Green Bay: turn the ball over. Once the turnovers come, the score will push out of reach and provide a comfortable margin of victory towards the end.

Green Bay 37 Chicago 20

Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes: I am always an optimist, i.e. a homer, and I can’t help but believe the Packers will defeat the Bears – stomping out their season and elevating the Green and Gold’s playoff hopes.

But I must admit there is a small part of me that believes Jay Cutler is bound to have a game against the Packers.

Then I sit back and reflect on the 20 interceptions he has thrown to Green Bay and envision his face in full a full on pout. Yep that the Jay Cutler I know and love. Not this week, Jay…

Packers 28 Bears 17

Ray Rivard

Ray Rivard: Packers vs. Bears; prime time; 190th meeting.

Does it get any better?

I think this one lives up to it. The Bears have the fear of falling even further in the standings. They will have to approach this as a must-win; it’s do or die.

That part of it scares me. This is the NFL and anything usually does occur.

On the flip side, we have a guy by the name of Aaron Rodgers.

I think he continues his success against the Bears tonight and the Packers put another nail into the Bears’ demise.

Look for at least one turnover by Jay Cutler and don’t be surprised if Eddie Lacy doesn’t make a big impact.

Packers 28 Bears 24