The Green Bay Packers: What’s up?


So, what’s the big deal with the Green Bay Packers this week?

Well, it’s C

Safety Morgan Burnett Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

hicago Bears week, for sure.

For the past week all we’ve  been hearing about is the much-improved Jay Cutler and how Matt Forte will run like mad against the Packers 32nd ranked run defense.

Start with Forte, who has averaged 120 yards per-game in the past three meetings with Green Bay.  That’s not a bad average in today’s NFL.

Let’s see Forte get the ball often, as much as they can, that would be fine.

The Packers defense will stop Chicago’s passing game well enough to control things, and if they do score it will be on the ground. So let the Bears run all day long. And don’t forget the Pack wasn’t the only team blown away in week 8.

The Bears were shut down by New England two weeks ago, 51 – 28, with 240 rushing yards for Chicago.

The Packer defense works it’s best just before the red-zone, especially  with teams build like the Bears.

This defense over the past month had started to see things come together, and might have a hard time yet with the top of the NFL, but not with the teams the Packers know well, and seeing Chicago twice a year, they know the Bears. The Packers know how the Bears offense works and can exploit things for Cutler and company, if they stay focused, with their new defensive look.

Some teams might think it’s the same ol’ defense, and that’s half right, but the new scheme, if things get together and a few key players start putting the square pegs in the square holes, have the capability for good things. Any time Chicago comes to town, it’s an occasion in Green Bay, and this young Packers team wants to build a record, in keeping up with the NFC North Division’s first place Detroit Lions, as of this week.

Getting and keeping your best players on the field is the main ingredient the Packers strive for this and every season. T.J. Lang and Josh Sitton, the Packers starting guards are out, no we’ll decide just before game time now.

Both of these conditions are hard pressed on the line-of-scrimmage, with defenses walking, jumping and falling on legs and feet all day long. TJ Lang played with the sprained ankle he developed last week, and the team may be expecting him to play Sunday, if he can get past team doctors.

Turf Toe, a painful, hard to heal condition (torn ligaments) was listed for Josh Sitton.

Aaron Rodgers. Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports photograph

These two key elements can make or break the Aaron Rodgers Air Force.

JC Trettor has been taken off IR, and is ready if needed. We are eager to see him back.

Green Bay balked at the opportunity to invite Jared Allen in, he was too expensive.  Julius Peppers, remained unsigned, and available in Chicago.  Ted Thompson brought the 37-year-old Pro-Bowler in. Now, Peppers the Linebacker/DE is running free with Clay Matthews and the maturing Linebackers. Consistency  is a post-break must.

The all-important injury factor has all of last week’s injuries (Aaron Rodgers, Sam Shields, Datone Jones and  Morgan Burnett) listed as probable, except for Lang and Sitton, who are both questionable for this game.

The Packers second year, wide receiver Kevin Dorsey is out with a foot injury. With all due respect, the Bears are not playing like a playoff contender.  The Packers have dominated a couple games against similar teams.

This week Green Bay will do the same. The Packers (5-3) have won 10 of the last 11 games against the (3-5) Bears with Cutler under center, throwing six more interceptions than touchdowns, it appears Cutler is “psyched.”

It’s not over until its over, but we must take Green Bay and the points. The Packers have come too far, despite falling to their knees a couple games, are still a strong team.

Final score: Green Bay 42-Chicago 20.