Green Bay Packers: Week 10 ‘Silver Linings’

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Eddie Lacy, seen here against the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, seems to have found his mojo for the Green Bay Packers.

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Eddie Lacy is getting involved

When the run game was on the “Let’s Be Honest” post – Lacy was at the forefront of it, though the blame wasn’t all his.

The offensive line had a lot to do with the run game’s slow start.

Still, the running game has its hang-ups, but it is steadily improving.

One thing that has helped mask the inefficiencies in the backfield? Eddie Lacy getting involved in a BIG way in the passing game.

Coaches felt like getting Lacy the ball in space was the best shot they had at slowing the pass rush and making opponent’s respect Lacy and the run.

They are certainly respecting him now.

After much talk about making Eddie a three-down back and getting him more touches, the Packers are finally executing that plan.

Rodgers has been consistently utilizing his check down, and Lacy has been benefiting.

On Sunday night, Lacy rumbled 60 yards for a touchdown, off of a simple screen pass from Rodgers. While it may look like you are experiencing the game in slow motion when Lacy has the ball sometimes, his powerful nature makes up for what he lacks in overall speed.

He isn’t a scat back – he isn’t going to make all the quick cuts or the bounce outs, but he will lower his pads and run a grown man into the turf, as he rumbles through another set of would-be tacklers.

His emergence in the passing game has been HUGE, and the Packers … and their upcoming opponents, have been taking notice.