On tutus, Argentina and the flyover during the Green Bay Packers victory


This family came all the way from Argentina to see the Green Bay Packers play. Darryl Krejci photograph

The power of the Tutu once again propelled the Green Bay Packers to a resounding trouncing of the Eagles.

I mean, yes, Aaron Rodgers and the defense has been playing at a high level, but statistically, the proof is in the tutu.

Every game that I have attended while wearing the tutu has been a victory. Now with that in mind, I have channeled my inner Golden Gopher (University of Minnesota, Class of ’93) and have made sure that the power of the tutu will encompass TCF Stadium to secure another victory for the Pack.

By now most Packers fans are well aware of all the things that were totally amazing and awesome about last Sunday’s victory, but for those of you who were not fortunate enough to be there, you may have missed a few things.

First of all it was cold.

No, not Ice Bowl cold, but still when you go an entire pregame and game without seeing anyone in a bikini top, you know it is cold.

Kudos though to the one Grizzly Adams look-a-like I saw post game walking down the street with a dead animal on his head, bib overalls on and no shirt!

Not sure if your skin color was really supposed to be purple or not but it looked good on you (and nice beard, too!).

One of the things I enjoy most about Packers games is the people.

Fans sharing in the moment as well as the fact that when it comes to the Packers, we are the world’s team and that was evident when I met a family of three who had traveled all the way from Argentina for their first Packers game.

I wish I would have gotten their names but included with this post is a picture of the three of them ready to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

For the coolest thing I ever experienced at Lambeau field. I was taking a picture of the famous Lombardi Trophy when I heard this low rumbling noise coming from all around me. As it got louder the air around me began to vibrate and then I swear the ground shook as I looked up and saw two fighter jets streak across the evening sky and go right over the top of the stadium.

It was AWESOME! Something I will never forget. The pure force of those machines … I was speechless!

Right after that I did manage to snap a picture of the Lombardi Trophy that was erected in a backyard. It was cool.

Sharon Meyer has been selling her hand made Packer items for years. Darryl Krejci photograph

Finally, there is one special lady to which I would like to give a shout out.

Her name is Sharon Meyer and she is an important part of the power of the tutu.

Sharon makes and sells crocheted hats like the one I wear. You can usually find her on the corner of South Ridge Road and Valley View Road with her cart of handmade hats, as well as blankets, and other Packers- related items.

For the last eight years she has been out there game in and game out. You will never meet a nicer lady and a true Packers fan.

So if you happen to see her at her spot, stop in, say hello and thank her for her dedicated service to keeping the Packers faithful topped off in beer can hats!

Until next week!