Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings: Lombardiave staffers predict


OK, you fans of the Green Bay Packers, here we are heading into the Week 12 matchup against NFC North Division rival Minnesota Vikings … and with it comes staffers predictions.

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Darryl Krejci

Darryl Krejci: Just blocks away from the Village Wok (the best Chinese food on the Campus of the University of Minnesota), the Packers will travel to TCF Stadium to take on the Minnesota Vikings.

My biggest concern is that the Pack is looking ahead to their game against the New England Patriots and that this may allow the Vikings the opportunity to put a scare into the Packers.

Having said that, the power of the tutu is strong and will provide Aaron Rodgers and Company the cushion they need to stay atop the NFC North. In the end, look for a victory.

Packers 42 Vikings 17

Kenn Korb

Kenn Korb: Green Bay has been playing great lately, and is coming up against a team not known for putting up points on offense or stopping them on defense. So another major blowout, nothing to see here..right?

Maybe not. Though Green Bay has been nuclear-powered lately, it has been on full display in home games; if you hadn’t noticed, this is a road game this time. Add in weird competitiveness division games seem to bring (see how 0-10 Oakland looked like the better team for a good portion of their game against the then 7-3 Chiefs?) and things could be tougher that we realize.

That all being said…I just don’t see it. The supposed home-field advantage of Minnesota isn’t that strong since the Packers play in the cold already, and this team is firing on all cylinders.

While I don’t see another 50-point outburst, we should see the offense keep rolling for the most part. I think the defense will continue to be impressive too, turning the scoreline into a relative blowout.

Packers 34 Vikings 13

Josh McPeak

Josh McPeak: Green Bay has a lot riding on this game.

I believe New England will beat Detroit on Sunday, so this game could possibly land the Packers in sole possession of first place.

Aaron Rodgers is the best player in the NFL right now. If you mix in Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Eddie Lacy, this is a hard team for anyone to handle.

Teddy Bridgewater will have a rough debut against the Packers, as he faces off against Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers.

I made a bold prediction last week that the Packers wouldn’t lose again until the 2015 regular season.

I will stick by that.

Packers 38 Vikings 13

Jerry Bulone

Jerry Bulone: To me this is the classic “trap” game.

They had a playoff contender in Philadelphia at Green Bay, and another one coming to Green Bay next week in New England. Sandwiched between these two is the lowly (and I mean LOWLY) Minnesota Vikings.

It is at MInnesota, and this may be glory’s last gasp for the 2014 Vikings.

They will play their hearts out, while the Packers can’t help but treat this game as a mere formality (much like everyone else).

The Packers are by far the more talented team, but it won’t look like it Sunday – they are going to be in a dog fight.

That being said, it’s Aaron Rodgers vs. Teddy Bridgewater!

I cannot in good faith tell you “teddy Bridge” can get it done against the reborn 2010 playoff version of Aaron Rodgers. To quote Steven A. Smith, Rodgers is a baaaaaad man, while Bridgewater is just bad.

Packers win, but they will have a tougher time than people think. If you’re a gambler, lay the chalk on Minnesota (+10).

Packers 20, Vikings 12

Kevin Dickens

Kevin Dickens: Instead of visiting the Metrodome to exploit the Vikings, the Packers will travel to the outdoors.

With Minnesota waiting for their new stadium construction to be complete, they are coexisting with the University of Minnesota. Whether the game would have taken place indoors or outdoors will not have mattered in the end.

Rodgers and the Packers offense has been scorchingly hot lately. I don’t expect them to be as hot as another 50-point performance, but upper 30s will suffice for another victory.

Expect another 3 TD performance for budding MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers and the defense to continue its superior performance exhibits with two more turnovers.

Packers roll! Go Pack Go!

Packers 41 Vikings 17

David Burdette

David Burdette: It’s as easy as this:
Aaron Rodgers = GOOD
Vikings = Not good enough

Packers win by a decent few.

Packers 38 Vikings 17

Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes: There’s been lots of talk about this matchup with the Vikings being the always feared “trap” game.

One might think the Packers are overlooking the Vikes and thinking ahead to Thanksgiving Day Turkey and their contest with the New England Patriots next Sunday.

I don’t see it that way.

Packers continue to roll.

They won’t land 50 on the purple people, but the Packers win with ease.

Defense picks up where they left off, as does the offense.

Packers 35 Vikings 17

Dan VerDuin

Dan VerDuin: In theory, this should be a pretty easy win for the Packers with Aaron Rodgers playing at an extremely high level and the defense starting to look like it can hold good opposing offenses to limited scoring.

But that’s just in theory.

The way this goes south is if the defense starts to look like it did in New Orleans, and Teddy Bridgewater suddenly figures out how to play against a Dom Capers’ 3-4 defense (both are possible).

The Vikings are bad enough that we should worry about the Packers taking a week off mentally.

Packers 41 Vikings 27

Ray Rivard

Ray Rivard: Trap game? Yes, it could be. Outdoors in Minnesota? Yes, it will be. Time for the Packers to continue rolling? Absolutely.

Throw in some Eddie Lacy hammering, two or three convenient turnovers and you’ve got the recipe for a huge NFC North Division (and conference) win.

Unless the Packers turn the ball over and get demolished on the ground, this game should be a relative walk in the park … in theory.

The Packers have to continue to lower the boom on both sides of the ball, win the one-on-ones and take care of business.

Not only that, but the division lead could be in the mix. With Detroit playing at New England, the Packers could find themselves all alone in first place in the NFC North by day’s end.

Packers win convincingly.

Packers 41 Vikings 17