The cure to what ails the Packers world


Aaron Rodgers. Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

All season long, there’s been an undeniable look to the Packers act on field that hasn’t ever been this sharp when things click.

The passing game when it’s turned on, gets beyond good, very good, and even great at some point on their way up the ladder. The timing, speed and accuracy are unmatched by any Packer or NFL team. We saw words like unstoppable, raising the bar, and best ever going around the media. That is the “A-team.”

Then there’s the “G” team. No, the “G” does not stand for great, or of Green Bay; it stands for garbage. It’s normal to have ups and downs in any vocation, sport, or things like recreational activities.

The things that got me uppity weren’t going well, so the down side acted out, and acted with a bad, bad attitude. Ever see the bumper sticker that reads “Attitude, is everything?” That one stems from the great philosopher of life and pro football, Vince Lombardi, during his 1960s saga of supremacy in the NFL In looking at the offensive blocks given, we once again use the term, “standing around” and action sometimes speaks louder than words.

It’s not too difficult to see there were more than one problemo killing the Packers from within against Buffalo, who is no pushover, as we remember the past several seasons, when their wins were few and far between.

The re-building process has begun and results are noticeable. They began with very stable and very pushy linemen on both sides. It’s apparent that once the Packers linemen get up to go at it a few plays they seem to get in their groove for the day.

That goes to say, if they are beat on those first few plays, they are beat all day long. This also is a young line in Green Bay, and they need to learn that adjustments, techniques, and mental dominance are tools they need to work with.

In making adjustments to these guys who seems stronger and faster, things can work out on an even plane. New or altered techniques seem a logical move, since I don’t want to see that all day, we’re sure the coaching staff doesn’t either, and the fans want things to mesh, like a well oiled machine.

There are answers, and they may not always be able to overcome being dominated by bigger, faster players, but they can minimize the lost plays, and going to the coaching staff for answers is a must when a player fights a losing battle.

I don’t know if these things go on or not, but it just seems logical to get off the schizoid roller coaster this team gets on, these things might not be taking place.

Unity is the super word any team needs to keep the boat floating. Decent players sometimes get into indecent little badgering, belittling or otherwise taking the union out of the club in locker room settings or on the sidelines, in the buses and wherever a little time is left to them to kill.

Boys will be boys, but don’t forget the boys are professional now, and need to draw the line when just fooling around or hanging out, playing. There’s always issues someone can easily go overboard with such as race, sex, money,or taste in clothing wear and more.

Another item we have seen in the news lately is this one or that one crying that the other teammates were laughing at them or acting like they were better because they were winning. For the troublemaker, he can do it, but nobody can do it back to them.

Have you ever known anyone like this?

I think we all have in school or on the job, there’s always a brat kid that never grew up and continues on this way into adulthood until somebody wakes him up.

There was something going on between offensive players that was so apparent, it jumped right off the screen. It seems bits and pieces of talk about ace quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been in on news stories.

You might think there could be others who have a chip on their shoulders, going at Rodgers, but it could be the other way around, too. Fans do not get to hear that sort of dissention between players or maybe even entire units, battling for supremacy within the ranks.

Perhaps the coach’s favorite is the prize to them. Perhaps it’s just high-school goof off time for others. Perhaps it’s time to grow up and realize it’s a billion dollar game they play and you better damn well accept the fact that you are a man now, so act like it.

Perhaps the coaches jobs need to call one at a time in and make sure these basics are met by all. Perhaps that might cut down on the full blown blow-outs this talented team endures.

You can bet that teams with as much talent as the Green Bay team has, will have personalities that clash. Maybe that is the entire reason they just blew away a game there was no reason they couldn’t have won and won in high style.

Just when we thought the big loss was no longer a problem, they fell apart. Ever hear of tough love? Perhaps it’s time to dish out a few fines and demand sportsmanship, devotion, and acting like pros who value every game.

These things were only a guess, and only meant to try to find a complicated answer to a loaded bomb. This team is the bomb, and should not be attacking their own. How else can you explain such a change?