Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions: Others’ predictions

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Corey Linsley, Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy will be key figures in Sunday’s matchup with the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

The Green Bay Packers play host to the Detroit Lions in the final, and most important, regular season game since the Packers took on the Chicago Bears for all the NFC North marbles in Week 17 of 2013.

The same kind of implications hang over Sunday’s matchup between the Packers and Lions on Sunday afternoon.

We all know both teams are in the Playoffs, but the seeding results to be decided range from as high as number one to as low as #6.

So, with that said, there is a growing trend across the nation that the Packers will take care of business at home when the Lions invade.

Here are some of the predictions we have seen about Sunday’s game.

Don’t hesitate to throw your own predictions out there – with a final score prediction – and leave it in the comment section below.

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