Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys: A look at last year’s matchup


In the NFL – the league where it’s “what have you done for me lately?” – we can forget all the talk about the “Ice Bowl.”

Tony Romo. Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

That’s ancient history, but has nothing to do with this Sunday’s Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys matchup.

It’s an entirely different era; a different game.

There will be plenty of references to the Ice Bowl this week and comparisons between that game so many decades ago with the game to be played Sunday.

We’re not going to do that now … we’re going to look at the most recent matchup – the one last year when the Packers overcame a 23-point deficit at halftime to steal a 37-36 win at Jerry World.

What’s most amazing is that the Packers did it with Matt Flynn at quarterback and rookie Eddie Lacy running out of the backfield.

In that game, Flynn threw four touchdowns in the second half …

Let me repeat that … four touchdowns in the second half.

Is this Dallas team much different last year’s team?

Well, Tony Romo is still the quarterback; DeMarco Murray is still the running back; Jason Witten is the tight end and Dez Bryant is one of the receivers.

These star players were all on the field when the Packers beat the Cowboys  last season … with their backup quarterback who went 2-5-1 in relief of Aaron Rodgers.

So, what is the real X-factor in Sunday’s game?

Aaron Rodgers.

If Matt Flynn can throw four touchdowns in a single half against this team, it will be interesting to see what Aaron Rodgers

Eddie Lacy dives into the end zone for the go ahead fourth quarter touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium last December. The Packers beat the Cowboys 37-36. Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports photography

can do.

In that game last year, here are Flynn’s statistics:

M. Flynn26392994

Here are Tony Romo’s stats

T. Romo29483582

And while everyone is talking about DeMarco Murray and the Dallas run game, you shouldn’t sleep on Eddie Lacy and the Packers run game.

In fact, in last year’s matchup Lacy went off on the Cowboys for 141 yards rushing, while DeMarco had 134.

Lacy said today that defenders don’t like tackling him when it’s cold and with next Sunday’s game time temperatures expected to be between 10 and 15 degrees, it will be plenty cold.

With the Packers intercepting Tony Romo twice in the final half, the defense responded after giving up touchdown after touchdown in the first half.

As it turned out, it was the Packers turning point for last season – a game that gave them a playoff spot. Though they didn’t go far in last year’s tournament, the Packers are in a much better place this year.

They will with Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb this time around; they will because they will be playing at home where they are undefeated; they will because they will have the weather on their side.

While there is plenty of history behind this iconic matchup, we need to first look at the most recent history to get a feel for what might happen on Sunday.

Stay tuned …

Complete stats from last year’s game:

Green Bay Packers                                                                    Dallas Cowboys

Total First Downs26Total First Downs27
By Rushing8By Rushing6
By Passing16By Passing17
By PenaltyBy Penalty
Third Down Efficiency7/13 – 53%Third Down Efficiency2/9 – 22%
Fourth Down Efficiency0/0 – 0%Fourth Down Efficiency0/0 – 0%
Total Net Yards433Total Net Yards466
Total Rushing/Passing Plays (includes Sacks)68Total Rushing/Passing Plays (includes Sacks)69
Average Gain per Offensive Play6.4Average Gain per Offensive Play6.8
Net Yards Rushing150Net Yards Rushing134
Total Rushing Plays27Total Rushing Plays18
Average Gain per Rushing Play5.6Average Gain per Rushing Play7.4
Tackled for a Loss (Number-Yards)3–12Tackled for a Loss (Number-Yards)1–3
Net Yards Passing283Net Yards Passing332
Times Sacked (Number-Yards)2 – 16Times Sacked (Number-Yards)3 – 26
Gross Yards Passing299Gross Yards Passing358
Pass Comp-Att-Int26 – 39 – 1Pass Comp-Att-Int29 – 48 – 2
Average Gain per Passing Play (includes Sacks)6.9Average Gain per Passing Play (includes Sacks)6.5
Kickoffs (Number-In End Zone-Touchbacks)7 – 7 – 5Kickoffs (Number-In End Zone-Touchbacks)9 – 9 – 9
Punts (Number-Average)4 – 49.3Punts (Number-Average)2 – 51.5
Net Punting Average42.5Net Punting Average28.5
FGs Blocked – PATs Blocked0 – 0FGs Blocked – PATs Blocked0 – 0
Total Return Yardage (excludes Kickoffs)21Total Return Yardage (excludes Kickoffs)28
Punt Returns (Number-Yards)1 – 26Punt Returns (Number-Yards)1 – 7
Kickoff Returns (Number-Yards)0 – 0Kickoff Returns (Number-Yards)2 – 46
Interception Returns (Number-Yards)2 – -5Interception Returns (Number-Yards)1 – 21
Penalties (Number-Yards)7 – 59Penalties (Number-Yards)7 – 79
Fumbles (Number-Lost)0 – 0Fumbles (Number-Lost)0 – 0
Kickoff Returns0Kickoff Returns0
Fumble Returns0Fumble Returns0
Punt Returns0Punt Returns0
Extra Points (Made-Attempted)5 – 5Extra Points (Made-Attempted)3 – 3
Kicking (Made-Attempted)4 – 4Kicking (Made-Attempted)3 – 3
Two Point Conversions (Made-Attempted)0 – 1Two Point Conversions (Made-Attempted)0 – 0
Field Goals (Made-Attempted)1 – 1Field Goals (Made-Attempted)5 – 5
Red Zone Efficiency5/5 – 100%Red Zone Efficiency2/3 – 66%
Goal To Go Efficiency4/4 – 100%Goal To Go Efficiency1/2 – 50%
Final Score37Final Score36
Time of Possession28:18Time of Possession31:42