Green Bay Packers: 52 days to football – Matthews, Winters, Cumby and … Engebretsen

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Frank Winters

The ol’ bag of donuts was a Packers mainstay at center during Green Bay’s Super Bowl run through the mid-1990s. As Brett Favre’s best friend he was also a fan favorite.

At 6-3, 291 pounds, Winters was born in New Jersey and went to Western Illinois before being Drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 10th round (276th overall) of the 1987 NFL Draft.

Winters was All Pro in 1999 and was also inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame in 2008, with an induction speech by none other than Brett Favre who was in the midst of his divorce with the Packers.

On his days with the Packers, Winters recently told,

"“It was a great experience and it was a great honor to at least win one of the two we played in,” noting a lot of players don’t even have the chance to make it to the playoffs during their career, let alone to the Super Bowl. “They were great players. The opportunity to win with them was a special experience. I was very fortunate to play 16 years in the league.”"

Frankie was a warrior who helped the Packers offense click. He was a leader who knew the importance of being a champion.

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