Green Bay Packers: Number countdown continues with 47 and 46

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With 46 days left until the start of the Green Bay Packers NFL season, our countdown to the big day continues.

Sunday, Sept. 13, is the day when the Packers travel to Chicago to take on the Bears in the season opener.  

Over the course of the next 46 days we focus on the number that represents the days remaining … but today we are offering a bonus and focusing on numbers 47 and 46.

Quick, give me the name of a single player who wore those numbers … no, I can’t either.

That’s why we turn to Maxymuk and his book on those unheralded and unremembered players.

If you’re like John Maxymuk, the author of “Packers by the Numbers: Jersey Numbers and the Players Who Wore them,” you understand that we take a look at #46 and 47, it’s difficult to think of  single player who has worn that number. As a matter of fact, if you remember guys like Rodney ArtmoreGary Richard, or Anthony Harrison, you’ve got a better memory than me.

However, you might remember the all-purpose back Vince Workman or Steve Luke, who played with the packers between 1975 and 1980.

So, let’s start with #47 … Jesse Whittenton.

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