Green Bay Packers: Top 10 Quarterbacks of All Time

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Starting this week Lombardi Ave will begin throwing out our top 5 or 10 Green Bay Packers lists at each given position.

Today we start at the quarterback spot where the have been very lucky, especially recently in having hall of fame talent. Being so fortunate at the quarterback position has led to the overall makeup of what makes the Green Bay Packers so special. A

Though it was a tough challenge, Lombardi Ave felt up to it and without further ado here are our top 10 quarterbacks of all time starting off with a few fun honorable mentions.

Special Mention

Although these players did not do much in a Packers uniform I thought I’d throw some names out there that were apart of the Packers in some capacity that some may be unaware.

Kurt Warner

Super Bowl Champion

Cut by Packers in 1994

Matt Hasselbeck

Super Bowl Runner-up

Drafted by Packers in 1998 left for Seahawks in 2001

Mark Brunell

3 Pro Bowls won Super Bowl as back up in 2010

Acquired by Jaguars in 1995

Ty Detmer

Heisman Trophy winner

Left team in 1996

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