Green Bay Packers: Top 10 Running Backs of All Time

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9. Edgar Bennett

Green Bay Packers receivers coach Edgar Bennett. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports photograph

The man who will take over the prestigious role of being the Packers offensive coordinator this season sits ninth on our list.

Though Bennett only played five seasons with the Packers, he was a big part of the 1996 championship run alongside another running back on our list.

His 1995 season was one of the best in Packers history as Bennett rushed for 1,067 yards in 1995 while also catching the ball 61 times for 648 receiving yards . His career was cut short as a Packer as he tore his Achilles and missed the 1997 season.

Bennett was a fourth round draft pick in 1992 and played with Green Bay from 1992-97. He came back to help coach the Packers in 2001 and has held positions such as the running back and wide receivers coach proving his versatility.

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As mentioned before, he will be the Packers offensive coordinator this season and will continue to help current running back Eddie Lacy improve, who could be on our list when his career is over.

Bennett rushed for 3,353 yards in his career ranking him tenth all-time in Packers history. He also scored 21 touchdowns for the Packers ranking him eighteenth all-time. Though Bennett did not have the touchdown totals of some not on this list, we’ll admit we’re a little biased being that he’s been a big part of the organization for so long.

Even so, his playing career was no joke as he was a big part of the championship puzzle in 1996.

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