Green Bay Packers: News, notes and nuggets

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Now back to the controversy.

The Seahawks opened the overtime period with what appeared to be an onside kick that the Rams called fair catch on. On further review, the kick was miskicked and the fair catch was allowed. Perhaps, Seattle should have been penalized for unnecessary roughness. Coach Carroll said the kick was supposed to have been pooched over the first line of receivers into no-man’s land.

The onsides kick gave the Rams great field position and they capitalized with a 37 yard, Greg Zuerlein, field goal.

Guess you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

The Seahawks started their ensuing drive on their own 20 yard line. A nifty catch and run of 19 yards by Marshawn Lynch moved the ball to the SEA 39. After another 1st down, the Seahawks were at midfield.

Two short passes to Doug Baldwin netted 7 yards. On 3rd + 3, the Rams forced Wilson to scramble for a two yard gain.

Now for the real controversial play. I

t’s 4th + 1. What do you call? A pass play? No, that call cost them a Super Bowl win.

How about a run to Marshawn Lynch? Certainly, he should be able to gain one yard and keep the drive alive.

Well the Rams defense rose to the occasion, got penetration and stuffed Lynch for a one yard loss.

Rams WIN!!!

Perhaps the Seahawks have demons of their own.

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