Green Bay Packers: Four Downs of Questions

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4.In season 50 of the super bowl era, this match up is a rematch of the 1st one. In honor of all this history, what is your favorite packers moment of the super bowl era?

Brett Favre, the legend. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Korb: I have to go with the Brett Favre game against the Raiders after his dad died. that game was the total embodiment of what everybody loved about him, moreso than any single game he ever played. He was slinging bombs everyone on the field. Odd angles, on the run, into triple didn’t matter how risky it was or how much a perfectionist might hate it, it worked. He played his heart out and left it all on the field the way we all wish we could do in our lives. Games like that are why football is so positively engrained into my emotions today, why I loved and still love this team, and why he will always hold a special spot in my personal QB hierarchy.

McPeak: I was 11 years old for Super Bowl XXXI. My uncle was a big Drew Bledsoe and New England Patriots fan. The outcome of that game won me a pack of peanut M&Ms from a bet I made with him. Brett Favre ripping off his helmet and running around the field like they had just won the game (even though it was only the Packers second offensive play of the game) after his touchdown pass to Andre Rison is definitely my favorite moment. It was very symbolic of who Favre was and it showed how much he loved to play the game and how it should be played.

Wright: I will have to go recent, here. There wasn’t a greater feeling for me than when a newly reinstated Aaron Rodgers found a streaking Cobb down the seam for the NFC North division title in 2013. Both men coming off long inactivity due to injury … a 4th down play that I (and the Bears) will never forget.

Rogalla: Reggie White multiple hump/club moves toward the end of Super Bowl XXXI and throughout his time with the Packers. Reggie was able to overpower the tackle then drive on the quarterback. Reggie White was an awesome player and an even better human being. Amen

George: This is a tough question! You could go with the Antonio Freeman catch on Monday Night Football, any Super Bowl victory, Brett Favre record setting season in 2007, the Ryan Grant snow game, Rodgers to Cobb to clinch the NFC North in the last couple of seconds…

But I am going to go with Al Harris‘ pick six to win the game against the Seattle Seahawks in the 2003 Wild Card Game. I just love watching that replay. The build up, the play, it’s all just so awesome. The fact that former Packer Matt Hasselbeck has the kahoonas to know that everyone is watching and say “we want the ball and we’re going to score,” and then throw an interception to lose the game…in the playoffs!!! That was one of my favorite moments as a Packers fan.

Hansen: I’m torn between a few so you’ll have to bear with me. Brett Favre had a lot of great moments. It’s hard to not think of Favre without seeing him running around like a little kid after dropping a bomb to Andre Rison to open the Super Bowl against the Patriots. As a Packers fan you also can’t forget Favres game in Oakland following the passing of his father. I also hold Aaron Rodgers 4th and 8 connection to Cobb against the Bears pretty high on my memorable moments. How could I leave off Clay Matthews strip 6 on Adrian Peterson his rookie season? Lastly, Nick Collins pick 6 in the Super Bowl against Steelers.

Testin: he Packers Super Bowl run in the 2010-2011 season. The fact they were able to make such a special run with all the players they lost to injury that season was incredible.

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