Green Bay Packers: Reactions to win over KC Chiefs

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Packers player of the game is obvious – Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron has his team on his back. They are all in. They believe. And it is easy to believe when you have the MVP at the wheel of an offensive juggernaut.

The offense is so efficient and is a joy to watch. Aaron Rodgers makes his teammates look better than perhaps they are.

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The Chiefs were credited with one sack of ARod. The offensive line played well but any other QB gets sacked a half dozen times by the Chiefs. Aaron feels the outside rushers run past him and he steps up, glides to the left or right, buys some time and finds his open receivers.

He is never flustered. He reads coverages better than any other NFL QB. He draws defenders off-sides and takes advantage of free plays better than anyone who has ever played the game.

It is almost comical when Aaron walks up and taps the referee on the shoulder and whispers “12-men of the field”. It happens every game. Amazing!!!

Like a surgeon, Aaron is able to read and dissect defenses. Monday night, he tormented backup CBs Marcus Cooper and Tavon Branch who were playing for injured and suspended teammates. Rodgers knew exactly what he was doing and called plays that isolated #27 and #31 on his best receivers

The result was “Touchdown (x5). Green Bay Packers.”

Check out the highlights of the Green Bay Packers win over the Kansas Chiefs.

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