Packers: How has Aaron Rodgers fared against Jets’ 2023 opponents?

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

There appears to be a good chance that Aaron Rodgers will be the starting QB for the New York Jets in 2023. Although the actual trade has not happened, the likelihood of Rodgers returning to Green Bay would seem to be almost improbable.

That being said, what does the 2023 season look like for Rodgers in the Jets’ uniform? It’s interesting to note that in Rodgers’ career, his passer rating and win-loss record versus the AFC East has not been all that great.

The Green Bay Packers were 10-6 (.625) in games Rodgers played against the Jets, Dolphins, Patriots and Bills, and his 88.3 passer rating versus the AFC East is the lowest of the eight league divisions.

Looking at the schedule for 2023, it’s kind of a “good news, bad news” scenario for Rodgers. Let’s start with the bad news.

Bad News: As the Jets starting QB, Aaron Rodgers will play six games versus the AFC East opponent Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots.

Rodgers’ career record versus these three teams is 7-5 (.583). His passer rating of 75.4 versus the Bills is the lowest for any opponent in his career. In fact, his passer rating versus the Patriots (91.6) and Dolphins (92.9) means that of the 13 teams where Rodgers has a career passer rating under 100, three of those 13 teams Rodgers will face twice in 2023.

Good News: The other 11 teams that Rodgers will face as the Jets QB in 2023 will be Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, L.A. Chargers, Las Vegas, New York Giants, Philadelphia and Washington.

His career win-loss record against these teams is 36-20 (.643). Rodgers has a 100 or higher career passer rating versus 18 teams; against the 11 non-division teams he will face in 2023, Rodgers has a 100 or better passer rating against each of these teams.

His top-six career passer ratings are Cleveland (127.5), Houston (125), Kansas City (118.3), Atlanta (115.6), L.A Chargers (114.3) and Las Vegas (111.8). All six are on the Jets’ schedule for 2023.

Here are the career win-loss records and passer ratings that Aaron Rodgers has versus the teams he will face as the Jets starting QB in 2023:

AFC East opponents
Buffalo: 2-2, 75.4
Miami: 3-1, 92.9
New England: 2-2, 91.6

Non-division AFC opponents
Cleveland: 3-0, 127.5
Denver: 2-1, 106.0
Houston: 3-1, 125.0
Kansas City: 2-1, 118.3
Las Vegas: 3-0, 111.8
L.A. Chargers: 2-1, 114.3

NFC opponents
Atlanta: 4-4, 115.6
Dallas: 6-3, 103.6
New York Giants: 4-2, 102.0
Philadelphia: 4-3, 104.1
Washington: 3-4, 107.7