Green Bay Packers: Fantasy profile – Week 4

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Green Bay Packers tight end Richard Rodgers. Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

TEs – Andrew Quarless, Richard Rodgers, Kennard Backman

Last Week

Quarless – 2 catches, 14 receiving yards; 1.40 fantasy points
Rodgers – 2 catches, 15 receiving yards; 1.50 fantasy points
Backman – 0 catches, 0 receiving yards; 0.00 fantasy points

You should know by now, but this team is not all that reliant on the tight end position.

That’s a good thing when you consider the news that Quarless will now be out until late in the season with an injury.

Now, he isn’t a huge loss fantasy-wise, but him being gone removes yet another experienced and reliable pass-catcher from the offensive cache.

This, plus the injury status of Adams at receiver, could mean we actually see another week of decent production from the new head of the position, Richard Rodgers.

Rodgers has already had at least one nice game this season (his multiple-catch, TD, and 2-pt conversion completion game against Seattle), and this could be a week where we see another good game out of him.

Now, don’t expect him to blow up the game or anything; he’s not that type of player. But he should be a good bet to garner more targets than usual and hopefully catch a handful of passes. His ability to act as an end-zone target could also give him another touchdown too.

Hopeful thinking? Maybe, but all signs point to him having a decent shot of making a statistical impact.

As for Backman, I think he’ll see some snaps finally, but not enough to see more than maybe a short pass or two depending on the situation.

Week 4 Predictions:
Quarless – IR-Return Designation (see you in eight weeks!)
Rodgers – 4 catch, 35 receiving yards, 1 TD; 9.50 fantasy points
Backman – 1 catch, 5 receiving yards; 0.50 fantasy points

Verdicts: Possible Fill-In (Rodgers); Don’t Bother Unless He Miraculously Proves Otherwise (Backman); Gone For Now — Though You Didn’t Want Him Anyway (Quarless)