Green Bay Packers: Twitter Chatter on San Francisco Weekend

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Could facing the Packers solve Colin Kaepernick‘s woes?

I would say NO to the premise of @PackersViews question. Colin Kaepernick’s problems are more in his head than physical. I am pretty sure that he will run for 50-60 yards are a couple of first downs but he will also be sacked 3-4 times and throw a couple of interceptions.

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Clay Matthews is in the middle of the defense. He will spy Kaepernick and keep him bottled up in the pocket. Kaepernick’s indecisiveness will mean that he will either pull the ball down and try to run or throw late to his wide receivers.

Speaking of WRs, Torey Smith leads SF with 131 yards (ranked #72 in NFL). Anquan Bolden and Vernon Davis have 112 yards and 109 yards respectively. All three combine for 2 TDs and 3 catches for 20+ yards.

Colin Kaepernick is the #28 ranked QB in the NFL after three games. Although he is completing 64.8% of his passes, he has thrown four INTs (all last week), has been sacked 8 times and has a 71.1 passer rating.

However, Kaepernick is a much different QB when playing at home and with a lead.

Key for the game: Look for the Packers to get ahead early and start turning up the pressure on Colin Kaepernick.

We are hearing the TE Vernon Davis is not expecting to play against the Packers on Sunday. Davis is a talented top #5 tight end whose performance has been dropping off in recent years.

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